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Elias R Melhem

Chairman's Welcome

Our department is one of the oldest in the United States, founded around the turn of the twentieth century by Drs. Henry J. Walton and Walter Kilby. Throughout our progressive history we have excelled in training the vast majority of radiologists practicing in the state of Maryland, in providing our patients and their referring physicians the highest quality of imaging diagnostics and interventional therapeutics, and in pushing the envelope of imaging science innovation and discovery.

We are proud to boast of more than 70 topnotch clinical and research faculty, including some of the nation's most accomplished physician leaders in Radiology. We thoughtfully plan and implement state-of-the-art imaging equipment and technology to provide our patients the best care possible. Our residency and fellowship training programs are highly competitive and are structured around well thought out sub-specialized curricula. We have continued emphasis on biomedical imaging research and innovations with 5 thriving core imaging laboratories to support our academic missions.

I welcome your interest in our department, and I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our dynamic clinical and educational programs.

Elias R. Melhem, MD, PhD
Professor & the Dean John M. Dennis Chairman
Department of Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Vision and Mission

The Vision of the Radiology Department is to use the strong foundation of an effective, viable, profitable, clinical department to create an Enterprise-wide academic Radiology Department that promotes research and teaching. The Mission of the Radiology Department is to provide care for our patients, teach our residents, fellows, students, and colleagues, and drive research that enhances the healthcare. The Strategic Planning Goals of the Radiology Department support the strategic planning goals of the University of Maryland Medical System: The Operational Goals and Objectives will be revised each fiscal year. These goals and objectives will be the guide to meet the Vision, Mission and Strategy of the Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department.

What's New

Healing Through Innovation

Full Body Dexa

Full Body DexaWe provide full body Dexa scans with our new Hologic Dex imaging system with capabilities of imaging patients from 6 months of age.

Learn more about the full body Dexa scan.

Low Dose Lung Screening

Low Dose Lung ScreeningBy detecting malignant tumors or abnormalities with our early detection program that utilizes CT, intervention can occur at a time when the cancer is still curable.

Learn more about the Low Dose Lung Screening.

3T Short Bore MRI

3T Short Bore MRIShort Bore MRI caters to claustrophobic patients while provide maximum clinical imaging strength.

Learn more about the 3T short bore MRI.

Biomolecular Imaging

Biomolecular ImagingShort Bore MRI caters to claustrophobic patients while provide maximum clinical imaging strength.

Learn more about Biomolecular imaging.

More Information

Location and Contact 

22 S Greene St
First Floor, South Elevator
Baltimore, MD 21201

For Patients: 1-800-492-5538
For Physicians: 1-800-373-4111