COVID-19 Response Fund

Across the University of Maryland Medical System, we are doing what is necessary to care for our patients and our workforce by committing all available resources to the critical work at hand. While the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges and altered our daily lives, it has not impacted the quality care we provide to our patients.

Philanthropy enhances our response effort and helps us meet the evolving needs that will undoubtedly rise in the weeks and months ahead. As a system, we are implementing innovative approaches every day to support the health and wellbeing of all Marylanders.

Area of Greatest Need
This fund ensures that we move resources as efficiently as possible and respond to the needs of our frontline workers, patients, and communities.

Advanced Equipment
Investing in revolutionary technology that significantly reduces the transmission risk of COVID-19.

Community Emergency Action Fund
It is our responsibility to reach beyond our hospital walls and help our communities in need by providing basic necessities, such as food.

The need for creating a centralized telehealth infrastructure has reached a new level of importance.

Community Initiative - Testing
Establish a program for our neighboring communities that will provide access to COVID-19 testing and immediate results in order to help limit the spread of this deadly virus.


We are grateful for your unwavering support as we navigate this unprecedented healthcare challenge.

If you are seeking information on the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the best measures to minimize transmission of the novel coronavirus, please consult the many COVID-19 resources available at the UMMS Coronavirus Response website.