Raven Montgomery has dreamed about being a nurse for as long as she can remember. Montgomery, who is a patient transporter at UMMC, is well on her way, thanks to help from the UMMC University and Midtown Campus Office of Workforce Development and Community Partnerships (WDCP). Montgomery had an eight-week internship at UMMC through the Healthcare Careers Alliance, a partnership that includes UMMC, Sinai Hospital and Civic Works.

After completing her internship at UMMC, Montgomery applied for a job at the Medical Center. She was hired first for a job in one of the labs, and then for one working directly with patients as a transporter.

Montgomery is just one of hundreds of Baltimore-area youth to be mentored in programs run or sponsored by UMMC in partnership with the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office and other community groups. The goal is to help community residents get health care jobs and advance their careers. The WDCP does this by introducing youth to health care careers, creating opportunities for UMMC employees to learn new skills and providing employment opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed in the city.