Double Your Chances by Double listing

Double Listing


Some studies have shown that patients who join wait lists at more than one transplant center have an increased chance of getting transplanted sooner ( Double Listing, also referred to as multiple listing, means that a patient has been evaluated and approved for the transplant wait list at two or more centers.

Listing at University of Maryland Medical Center provides you with access to a different pool of available organs that may lead to earlier transplantation. The transplant team at UMMC has proven to be strongly equipped and highly successful at transplanting expanded criteria deceased donor organs, or organs that might fall outside of “standard” transplant criteria. This innovative approach to organ utilization makes more organs available to patients on UMMC’s wait list and can help them get transplanted sooner due to a larger pool of available organs. 

Double listing applies to all organs.  Whether you need a kidney, liver, pancreas, heart or lung – double your transplant chances by double listing. 

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is the state’s largest kidney transplant center. We have performed more than 5,600 kidney transplants since 1988.  We have good outcomes, even for the sickest patients.  Our transplant results are in line with national standards. This result is particularly notable because we work with many high-risk patients who have been turned down at other centers. 

Through the University of Maryland Liver Center, we manage every aspect of liver disease for you. If you need a transplant, we understand your needs and will work to find the best solution for your long-term health.  For more than 5 years, we have performed one of the highest numbers of liver transplants annually on the East Coast. 

The Pancreas Transplantation Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center successfully completes 15 to 25 pancreas transplantation surgeries each year. These numbers represent a high volume of pancreas transplant surgeries, and our program is steadily growing.

Our heart transplant team is one of the most experienced in the nation, performing intricate operations for a wide range of patients, including those with complex conditions.  We offer hope and treatment to patients with end stage heart failure, including many patients who are considered high-risk. We are dedicated to finding a treatment plan that works for you, combining our transplant expertise with innovative treatments such as ventricular assist devices (VADs).

The lung transplant team at the University of Maryland is nationally recognized for treating a broad range of patients with advanced lung disease.  Our team has been performing lung transplants for decades, and we are actively involved in developing the next generation of techniques and devices to treat advanced lung disease.

With one of the highest volume adult transplantation programs in the United States, our innovation and surgical excellence expands to children needing a life-saving transplant.  Working in conjunction with the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, our comprehensive transplant team optimizes outcomes by incorporating the expertise of pediatric nephrologists, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, social workers, psychologists and, of course, surgeons.

We encourage patients who have been waitlisted at other centers to double-list with UMMC. Our e-visit program lets you complete your evaluation remotely. You do not need to travel for the evaluation. Fill out the form to request a call from one of our nurse coordinators.

Make an appointment with the transplant team at the University of Maryland Medical Center by calling 410-328-5408.