More Life-Saving Options for Transplant Patients

The University of Maryland Transplant Program draws patients from far and wide because of our superior surgical skills and commitment to provide life-saving options for transplant patients. 

If you or a loved one is in need of a life-saving organ transplant,
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Shorter Wait, Better Outcomes

Our robust living donor transplant programs promises quicker recoveries, better transplant results and reduced waiting times for individuals with kidney or liver failure. Living donor transplants provide a solution for patients on the transplant wait list who might not otherwise receive a transplant due to the limited number of deceased organ donors.

The Right Organ for You

Our Paired Kidney Exchange Program creates options for living kidney donors whose blood type is not compatible with their intended recipient. The paired kidney exchange allows living donors to “swap” with other donors’ recipients, allowing more kidney transplant recipients to receive as close to an ideal match as possible. UMMC participates in several paired kidney exchange programs regionally and nationally, including the National Kidney Registry.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

  • Our highly skilled physicians and surgeons provide innovative options and perform cutting-edge transplants for some of the most complex cases, including those that other centers have turned away
  • We performed the first single-incision living donor kidney transplant in Maryland
  • We have one of the few MARS (Molecular Absorbent Recirculating System) liver dialysis units in the country to support the sickest liver failure patients. 
  • We have innovated transplant treatments such as liver transplant for cholangiocarcinoma, and simultaneous kidney removal and single-incision living donor kidney transplant for patients with polycystic kidney disease
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Convenient Care

We provide convenient options for patients to get evaluated for a transplant at 11 different clinic locations throughout Maryland and in Northern Virginia.