As the health care environment continues to change, we must be forward thinking to meet the challenges ahead of us. To that end, the leaders and clinical staff at UMMC have created a bold, five-year strategic plan for 2014-2018 to help us address those future challenges and to position us well for the future.

This plan is very ambitious, and depends on our providing excellent and compassionate care in the most cost effective way while improving the health, and access to health care, for the people of Maryland and beyond. This plan – built on five key goals and ten strategies – is our vision, or road map, for the future.

UMMC Strategic Plan – 2014-2018

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All UMMC employees are encouraged to learn more about this plan, and to think about what you can do to help us reach our goals. Start by clicking on any of the links below to learn more:

Five Key Goals

Highly Reliable Patient Safety & Quality

Highly Reliable Patient Safety & Quality: UMMC will provide safe high quality care, maintain a safe and secure environment for patients and staff, and become a recognized leader in achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

Highly Engaged People

Highly Engaged People: UMMC will be an “employer of choice” and a leader in staff recruitment, retention, satisfaction and ongoing leadership development.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service: UMMC will provide compassionate care and outstanding service in a culturally sensitive manner to all patients and families, exceeding expectations.

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation: UMMC will develop innovative programs and services to improve the health status and quality of life for residents of communities served while fulfilling our academic mission to educate and advance knowledge.

Stewardship & Community Engagement

Stewardship & Community Engagement: UMMC will achieve revenue growth and manage operating expenses to achieve  financial results allowing investment in our strategic priorities, while meeting our mission to provide services to all.

Ten Key Strategies


  1. Value of Care: Achieve top-quartile performance on publicly available quality and patient safety measures.
  2. Population Health: Coordinate transitions of care and reduce cost of care for patients with chronic or complex disease.


  1. Culture of Excellence: Achieve 90% satisfaction through key indicator question(s) on the employee opinion surveys.
  2. Enhanced Learning & Discovery: Increase depth of training in cross-functional working and team-based care, medical informatics and diversity.


  1. Patient Access/Expansion: Achieve overall outpatient satisfaction at the 50th percentile in peer group.
  2. Alignment with Care Providers: Increase patient care team and physician (faculty and community) alignment to drive quality objectives.


  1. Clinical Focus: Utilize the strength of both campuses to provide appropriate care at the right location, with a goal of delivering the most effective and cost efficient care for each patient.
  2. Strategic Ambulatory Growth: Achieve access to care for new patient consults within 10 days 90% of the time.
  3. System Clinical Networks: Advance patient care in four (4) new UMMS clinical program networks.


  1. Margin Growth: Improve efficiency, and achieve net operating margin of 2% by FY2015 and 3% by FY2016 to support our continued mission of providing top-quality patient care.