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Paca Pratt Electrical Outage - Resolved

Updated: 1/30 @ 2 pm

The issue impacting the power throughout the Paca Pratt building (110 S. Paca St.) has been resolved. We have resumed normal operations and this outage is not expected to have any impact to building operations or occupancy for Thursday, January 31.

For questions, please contact Thank you for your patience as our Facilities team resolved this issue.

Updated: 1/30 @ 12 pm

There has been a power outage throughout the Paca Pratt Building (110 S Paca St), affecting lights and impacting equipment plugged into outlets. This outage does not impact the hospital nor patient and medical care.

The Paca Pratt Facilities team is working with electricians to fix the problem and are anticipating a resolution today. In the meantime, if you work in the Paca Pratt building, please contact your Supervisor or Manager for direction about the rest of the workday.

Additional information about the building's readiness as well as occupancy on Thursday, January 31st will be emailed and posted as soon as possible.

For questions, please contact