Brachytherapy - Treating cancer from the inside, out.

Today, more and more cancers are found at their earliest, most treatable stages. Not only does this improve chances for survival, it also means the availability of more treatment options. One such treatment option is brachytherapy. Brachytherapy involves placing a radiation source internally, either into or immediately next to the tumor allowing for precise radiation delivery.

Brachytherapy / SAVI for Breast Cancer Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, you might be eligible for SAVI, an advanced form of radiation therapy also known as brachytherapy. SAVI is a 5-day radiation treatment for early stage breast cancer that gives your physician the ability to precisely target the treatment to where it is needed most. The approach is very precise, spares the surrounding healthy tissue and produces excellent cosmetic results. Treatment can be completed in a much shorter time than traditional radiotherapy techniques, typically 5 days, allowing patients to get back to their everyday life much more quickly. Ask your doctor if SAVI may be right for you. When discussing treatment options, it is always important to ask your doctor about what side effects may occur and how they can best be managed.