The Varian Edge™ is a state-of-the-art linear accelerator with a real-time motion monitoring system.

Installed at the University of Maryland in 2017, it was specifically designed to treat brain tumors with stereotactic radiosurgery, but it can be used to treat tumors located anywhere in the body. 

The Edge system is especially good for treating deep-seated tumors and those that require high doses of radiation delivered in fewer treatment sessions. It can be used for stereotactic body radiation therapy, most commonly used to treat lung cancer and liver cancer.

Modern linear accelerators have the ability to shape the radiation beam so that it better matches up with the tumor. This also helps spare the healthy cells around the treatment site.

The Edge system provides a very high degree of precision in its beam-shaping capabilities. It has been called the “sharpest, finest blade in radiosurgery in the market.”

An Easier Brain Tumor Treatment

When performing stereotactic radiosurgery, the Edge system can be used with or without a stereotactic frame. Such a frame physically secures the head so that the patient is unable to move during treatment. 

However, the Edge system's motion management system makes it possible to safely and accurately deliver high doses of radiation to brain tumors even without a frame. If a patient moves more than a fraction of a millimeter in any direction, the radiation will be stopped until the patient is back in position. 

Because the Edge’ system's technical systems are highly in sync with one another, it gives radiation oncologists the confidence to treat brain tumors more accurately with high doses of radiation.

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