If, at any time during your stay, you have questions or concerns about your rights as a patient, or you wish to file a grievance, please do not hesitate to contact our Guest Services department

  • UM HMH 5618
  • UM UCMC 2400

We assure you that you can contact these offices without fear of retaliation.

You may also contact the office of Health Care Quality:

  • Health Care Quality
    Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    55 Wade Avenue
    Bland Bryant Building
    Catonsville, MD 21228, 877-402-8212.

You may also contact the following organizations that regulate or accredit the hospitals:

Since 2013, questions regarding race, ethnicity, citizenship and country of birth have been on the list of questions we are required to ask patients according to the Maryland State Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) regulations. Patients wanting information on why this information is required should contact:

  • Health Services Cost Review Commission
    4160 Patterson Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland 21215
    Phone: (410) 764-2605
    Toll Free: 1-888-287-3229
    Fax: (410) 358-6217