FAP Plain Language Summary

Help for Patients to Pay Hospital Care Costs

If you cannot pay for all or part of your care from our hospital, you may be able to get free or lower cost services.

Please Note:

  • We treat all patients needing emergency care, no matter what they are able to pay.
  • Services provided by physicians or other providers may not be covered by the hospital Financial Assistance Policy. See the list of physicians who provide emergency and other medically necessary care in the hospital facility whose services are not covered under this policy. You can call 410-821-4140 or 877-632-4909 (toll free), or email CBOService@umm.edu if you have questions.
  • You will never be charged for emergency and other medically necessary care more than amounts generally billed to patients who are not eligible for financial assistance under the financial assistance policy. Rates are set by the State of Maryland.

How The Process Works

When you become a patient, we ask if you have any health insurance. We will not charge you more for hospital services than we charge people with health insurance. The hospital will:

  • Give you information about our financial assistance policy, or
  • Offer you help with a counselor who will help you with the application.

How We Review Your Application

The hospital will look at your ability to pay for care. We look at your income and family size. You may receive free or lower costs of care if:

  • Your income or your family's total income is low for the area where you live, or
  • Your income falls below the federal poverty level if you had to pay for the full cost of your hospital care, minus any health insurance payments.

Please Note: If you are able to get financial help, we will tell you how much you can get. If you are not able to get financial help, we will tell you why not.

How To Apply For Financial Help

  • Fill out a Financial Assistance Application Form.
  • Provide additional information as needed to help us understand your financial situation. In addition to a completed Financial Assistance Application Form, the following information may be required:
    • Copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return; proof of disability or social security income (if applicable)
    • Copy of your most recent pay stubs or other evidence of income
    • A Medical Assistance Notice of Determination
    • Copy of mortgage or rent bill (if applicable) or written documentation of current living/housing situation.
  • Turn the Application Form in to the Financial Assistance Department - University of Maryland Medical System, 11311 McCormick Road, Ste 230, Hunt Valley MD 21031.

Please Note: The hospital must screen patients for Medicaid before giving financial help.

Other Helpful Information