Chances are, if you’ve been in the hospital for a medical (not surgical) concern, the physician who took care of you was a hospitalist. This is a health care professional, usually an internal medicine specialist, who works exclusively in the hospital setting.

From your hospital admission to your discharge, hospitalists are the primary overseers of your care. These jacks-of-all (health-related) trades work around the clock, focusing on your condition and determining the best treatment plan.

UM Upper Chesapeake Health employs adult and pediatric hospitalists who, because of their experience treating a broad array of problems, are able to meet the unique needs of each patient. And since they don’t maintain a medical practice outside of the hospital, they focus all of their attention on you and can quickly address any changing conditions and situations.

All of our hospitalists are either board-certified or board-eligible, and they all adhere to the following goals:
  • Always treats your with courtesy and respect
  • Always listen carefully to you
  • Always explain things in a way you can understand