So everyone in Maryland has everything they need to be Maryland.

Collaborate greater. Discover greater. Heal greater. Care greater for the people of our state. You are what makes our health care system greater. Every time you touch a life or make a personal connection, answer a question or solve a problem, you make our system greater. The new treatments we offer, and the innovation we put into practice make our system greater. You and all of the teams working across the system are all A PART OF SOMETHING GREATER!

A Greater System of Care

  • 150+ locations in 12 counties
  • 4,000+ doctors working side by side across the system
  • 24,000+ employees sharing expertise

View photos of the UMMS' team members sharing what makes us greater.

What Sets Us Apart

We are Maryland's champion! We are all about Maryland. Our focus is on the people of Maryland and making sure everyone here has access to the best care possible.

We are innovative! In partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, our teams are making new discoveries and bringing new cures and treatment options to the people in Maryland, the United States and ultimately the world.

We are educating the health care workforce in Maryland. Together with the University of Maryland, Baltimore health professional schools, we help train physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers -- the list goes on.

Our health network ensures patients are connected to expert care close to home with over 150 inpatient and outpatient locations across the state.

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