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Welcome to eFocus. Our goal is to provide you with timely, informative and useful short summaries and links about UM UCH related news, issues, or events. Feel free to contact us if you have news to share, story ideas or any other feedback. As always, your comments are welcome.

eFocus, May 2018 topics include:  


It seems like it took awhile to get here but summer is officially starting. We are nearing the end of the fiscal year and have much to celebrate, but we also have new targets to hit. UM Upper Chesapeake Health has proven that when we organize for success to accomplish a goal, metric or program, we are incredibly successful. Our readmission rate for UM UCMC is 8.80% and only UM Rehab and UM Chestertown (both much smaller facilities) have lower readmission rates. We have more work to do at UM HMH. To accomplish this we will open a CDU at HMH on July 10th, patterning the workflow and efficiencies of the CDU at UCMC.

The new challenge will be improving mortality and more specifically, mortality related to sepsis, with new surveillance technology. We have been putting data into the Electronic Medical Record for years now and for the first time we are going to mine data in real-time to improve care. Imagine a surveillance program, The Guardian Program, coupled with a critical care nurse's skills that prioritize patients at both UM UCMC and UM HMH based on labs and the Early Warning Score program. This data will guide actions on any patient that begins to move up the list before he/she reaches a critical state. Critical care nurses will facilitate the activation of rapid response, coordinate care with the bedside nurse and attending, in addition to providing support. The literature is growing with examples of the effectiveness of this program and we should have this running in our two hospitals this summer.

Read more in this edition of eFocus edition to learn more about Guardian (Surveillance). You will also see what award our stroke program just won, find out what the DAISY award is, and get the lowdown on the long awaited fingerprinting for providers – get scheduled now for your Board of Physician License.

Fermin Barrueto, Jr., M.D., M.B.A.
Senior Vice President/CMO
Medical Staff Affairs 



A sincere thanks to Barry Wohl, MD, for over 35 years of stellar service to our community and hospitals. Dr. Wohl completed medical school, an internal medicine residency, and a cardiology fellowship at the University of Maryland. His career has been wholly focused in Harford County and he has treated generations of patients in the community. He has extensively studied Integrative and Preventive Cardiology and became Certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2015. Dr. Wohl intends to remain active, but is retiring from Upper Chesapeake Cardiology, LLC in June 2018. 

Pattiann Gilcher, Director of Medical Staff Services, is retiring June 1st. Patti began her journey with us 42 years ago as Medical Staff Coordinator at Fallston General. She was promoted to Director of Medical Staff Services in 1995. Under Patti’s leadership the medical staff at Fallston General and Harford Memorial merged to one for the Upper Chesapeake Health Medical Staff, coinciding with the opening of Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. Her accomplishments will not be forgotten. Please join me in wishing Patti the best.

Nursing Leadership Addition:

Heather Beauchamp, MSN, LSSBB, has accepted the AVP-Emergency and Critical Care Services position. Heather is an innovative nurse leader who has proven ability leading quality improvement initiatives, focusing on team engagement and exceptional patient and family outcomes. Heather looks forward to the “opportunity to lead and inspire nursing teams to participate in shared decision making, leadership, safety, quality, well-being, and professional development.” The transition to this new position will start in mid-July.

Nominate a Top Doc

Baltimore magazine's 32nd annual Top Doctors Survey is underway and we encourage all physicians to participate. This is historically one of the best-read features (and most sought-after back issues) of Baltimore. The magazine is asking you to refer several physicians in 100-plus specialties to whom you would send a member of your own family for treatment. UM UCH had a good showing in the 2017 survey (51 doctors, 9 of whom were named in multiple categories) and we're hoping to do even better this year!

You can take the survey online at; the deadline for this survey has passed.

Safety Updates


The current number of healthcare acquired infections (HAI) at UM UCH is 25.


Empathy Update

AIDET + the promise™:

AIDET + the promise is an acronym that stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank You. The promise can be incorporated at any juncture in the framework and offers the patient/customer a commitment to excellent care or an exemplary experience.

It is NOT a script but a framework of five fundamental objectives to be met in the context of our interactions with others.
Clear, consistent communication (every person, every encounter, every time) is the driver of a culture of excellence.
Improved patient and customer perception of their care or service
Decreases anxiety, increases compliance and improves clinical outcomes
Increases patient and provider experiences
Builds customer loyalty
Ensures that all service providers are delivering consistent measures of empathy, concern and appreciation.
Helps build confidence in our skills and dedication
Takes the guesswork out of our care
Is the foundation of excellent customer service to each other
Creates a culture of excellence

image of the AIDET Teach Tool: Clinical

*If you're reading this: What does AIDET + the promise stand for? The first five people to send the correct answer to will be entered to win two tickets to the Annual Upper Chesapeake Hospice Regatta on June 16.

Quality Update

Guardian: Early Warning System

Meteorologists at the NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issue daily forecasts for organized severe thunderstorms over the U.S. based on current weather observations and models. They also closely monitor areas they think are at a higher risk for tornadoes. Imagine if such a system existed for our patients where we could forecast patients who were at risk of deteriorating. Imagine if we could closely monitor them - proactively - and prevent a rapid response or a code instead of managing it. Eventually, hospitals will use continuous surveillance with acutely ill patients in all care settings. The ability of analytics to interpret objective physiological data in real time and enable clinical intervention for deteriorating patient conditions that could otherwise be missed is just too powerful to ignore.

Well, we have such a system coming to UM UCH. It’s called Guardian. It’s an early warning system that helps us forecast which patients are likely to crash so we can intervene before they crash. 

Here are a few articles that shed more light on this system. 


2018 Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Gold Plus Target Elite Honor Roll Awards 

Both UM HMH and UM UCMC were the recipients of Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite and the Gold Plus awards from the American Heart Association.  Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite focuses primarily on the interventions initiated in the emergency department, while Gold Plus recognizes the efforts of the clinical teams on the inpatient units.  

In order to receive Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite the time to thrombolytic therapy must be within 60 minutes in 75 percent or more of the acute ischemic stroke patients treated with IV tPA. The designation of Gold Plus indicates that the hospitals achieved performance metrics over a 24 month period including: IV rt-PA, early and discharge antithrombotic therapy, VTE prophylaxis, anticoagulants for Afib/Aflutter, smoking cessation, and statins prescribed at discharge. 

Congratulations to both the UM HMH and UM UCMC teams that support our stroke program! 

UM UCH Providers Due for 2018 Licensure Renewal 

UM UCH will be offering mobile fingerprinting for providers renewing their Maryland license this year. Fingerprinting is part of the required Criminal History and Records Check (CHRC).
Actions Needed:

  1. Sign up for 5 minute session:
  2. Complete the Live Scan document
  3. Come to your scheduled appointment with: $55 fee (cash or credit card information/no checks will be accepted) and your driver’s license.

Location: Medical Staff Lounge UCMC


  • Monday, July 9, 8 a.m. - 12 noon
  • Tuesday, July 24, 2 - 6 p.m.       
  • Wednesday, August 22, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.         

Contact Katie McCardell with any questions or issues signing up.


Say 'Thank You' to a Nurse

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem) Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP in 1999. During his hospitalization, they deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown to Patrick and his entire family. When he died, they felt compelled to say “thank you” to nurses in a very public way. Please say “thank you” by sharing your story of how a nurse made a difference you will never forget!

It is easy to nominate your Nurse for The DAISY Award. Find out more information online or send an email to

Clinical Informatics Update

This month's topics from your Provider Documentation team include:

Please contact the Clinical Informatics line at x2763 with questions.

Unblocking Websites:

We have a new process to unblock certain websites that otherwise were inappropriately blocked by the hospital network firewall. We have worked with IT and developed a request form that is housed on the Help Desk site on the Intranet that will enable you to request a website be unblocked. Please see screenshots below and share with your colleagues as you see fit.

MEC and P&T Summaries

The following items were approved during the MEC meeting held on May 9th.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Mark your calendars for important standing meetings and special events. 

Standing Meetings

  • Pediatric Grand Rounds: Held the first Wednesday of every quarter (Jan., Apr., July, Oct.) from 7 - 8 p.m. Guest lecturers present different topics in pediatric medicine, including common dermatologic conditions, effects and management of obesity in children, pediatric head injuries, and more.  
  • Multidisciplinary Thoracic and General Conferences: 12 Noon, Alternates Every Thursday (e.g., Thoracic is 11/3, General is 11/10)
    UM UCMC, KCC Streett Conference Room
  • Multidisciplinary Breast Conference: 8 a.m., Every Tuesday
    Radiology/Oncology Conference Room
  • Pharmacy &Therapeutics (P & T) Committee: 7:30 a.m., Third Wednesday of each month
    UM UCMC Maryland Room 
  • Credentials Committee 7:30 - 9 a.m., Third Friday of each month
  • Medical Staff Leadership  8 - 9 a.m., Fourth Thursday of each month
    UM UCMC, Fallston Room/UM HMH, MSCR
  • Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Committee: 5 p.m., Quarterly, Wednesdays
    HMH MSCR and UCMC Fallston Rm
    Upcoming dates: March 15, June 21, Sept 20, Dec 20

  • Allied Health Practitioner Committee:8 – 9 a.m., Third Tuesday of each month