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eFocus, December 2017 topics include:  


Everyone is getting ready for the new year! It was a roller coaster ride for 2017 and we will see what 2018 has to bring. This is the last edition of eFocus in 2017 and we start it with some big announcements.

Dr. Muhammad Jokhadar will start January 1, 2018 as our Chief Medical Informatics Officer. He will be our physician executive and liaison between medical staff, administration and Information Technology. His enthusiasm for IT and operations makes this a perfect fit. He has now completed a Health Information Technology certificate program through the American Association of Physician Leadership and is ready to innovate and optimize our IT systems so that we can improve the health of our community.

As Dr. Jokhadar moves into that role, Dr. Manisha Bahl has been selected as the new Medical Director of the Adult Hospitalist program effective January 1, 2018. She has been a leader in improving both physician and patient experience and has been a member of the hospitalist team for seven years. We are excited to see her take on this new role and keep our hospitalist team at the top of UMMS!

Reflecting on 2017, it is clear that we are poised for success with physician executives and leaders ready to take on the challenges of 2018. Here is a quick summary of the 2017 changes:

  • Director of Infection Prevention – Dr. Leonardo Girio-Herrara
  • Chief Quality Officer – Dr. Faheem Younus
  • Chief Medical Informatics Officer – Dr. Muhammad Jokhadar
  • Director of Adult Hospitalist Program – Dr. Manisha Bahl
  • Associate Director of Quality for the Hospitalist Program – Dr. Kapil Sharma

That is a lot of movement for one year! Enjoy this edition of eFocus and keep an eye out for a hidden clue and your chance to win a $20 Starbucks gift card. Take care everyone and Happy New Year!

Fermin Barrueto, Jr., M.D., M.B.A.
Senior Vice President/CMO
Medical Staff Affairs 


Dr. Manisha Bahl Director of Hospital Medicine

Dr. Bahl Named Director of Hospital Medicine

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Manisha Bahl on her new role as Director of Hospital Medicine, effective December 31st. She has been practicing medicine for over 15 years and completed her residency in 2002 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore. Dr. Bahl joined UM UCH as a hospitalist seven years ago and has been serving as an Associate Hospitalist Director for over three years and Director of Patient Experience for almost a year. She has led many of our performance improvement initiatives successfully and has been a great asset to our team and organization. 

Spotted: Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Dr. Alexander Aurora, bariatric and general surgeon, shows his holiday spirit alongside charge nurse, Heather Askew.

Dr. Alexander Aurora, bariatric and general surgeon, shows his holiday spirit alongside charge nurse, Heather Askew

Safety Updates

Healthcare Acquired Infections: The Latest

14 heathcare acquired infections in fiscal year 2018

MRI Monitoring Capabilities

Reminder: MRI at both hospitals have monitoring capabilities. Patients are accompanied by a nurse to the MRI where they are placed on the MRI safe monitor in the MRI department. The nurse remains in the MRI department to monitor cardiac rhythm. Please note when ordering the MRI whether the patient may go unmonitored, or must remain monitored for the MRI.

Empathy Update

Angela Fennington, RN, CEN, works in the ED at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center

ED Nurse Spotlight

Nurses who work in Emergency Rooms/Emergency Departments often deal with incredibly stressful situations on a regular basis. Angela Fennington, RN, CEN, works in the ED at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center; she also assumes the role of a charge nurse as assigned by the ED leadership team. She took time from her busy schedule to answer questions from (a nursing news, reviews and career site, from the most informed and respected journalists in healthcare) about what it’s like to work in the ED. And although there’s no George Clooney around, she loves her job anyway. Keep reading!

4 Towers Receives Accolades

4 Towers recently received two awards: one for best quarterly performance in patient experience for Q1 and one for most improved patient experience from the previous quarter. Congratulations!

Efficiency Update

Please Don't Be Polite: Medical Texting Guidelines

Texting etiquette has become one of the most challenging aspects of implementing an enterprise-wide clinical communication and collaboration system. Adding personality to texts is fine when texting socially, but not when texting about patient care. Check out Doc Halo's texting etiquette guidelines. 

*The article above lists seven texting etiquette guidelines. The first five people to name THREE of these guidelines and email them to will be entered into a drawing to win a $20 Starbucks gift card.


CPOE Corner

This month's topics from your Provider Documentation team include:

  • Viewing patient information from outpatient departments
  • Discontinuing orders associated with other orders

New specialty consultation reports include:

  • ENT Consult Report
  • Nephrology Consult Report

Please contact the CPOE line at x2763 with questions.

UMMS Update

UMMS leadership has selected the ten key performance improvement priorities on which to focus with a goal to save $400-500 million across the system over the next three to five years.

Ten key performance improvement initiatives 5 year total projected benefits

MEC and P&T Summaries

The following items were approved during the MEC meeting held on December 13th.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Mark your calendars for important standing meetings and special events. 

Special Events

  • Pain Management and Opioid Prescribing
    Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
    5-7:30 p.m.
    UCMC, Chesapeake Conference Room
    Learn more!

  • UMRN Clinical Instructor Course
    Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
    8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center
    Learn more and register! 

  • Red Pump Ball 
    Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 
    6 - 11 p.m., Richlin Ballroom 
    Get your tickets online!

Standing Meetings

  • Pediatric Grand Rounds: Held the first Wednesday of every quarter (Jan., Apr., July, Oct.) from 7 - 8 p.m. Guest lecturers present different topics in pediatric medicine, including common dermatologic conditions, effects and management of obesity in children, pediatric head injuries, and more.  
  • Multidisciplinary Thoracic and General Conferences: 12 Noon, Alternates Every Thursday (e.g., Thoracic is 11/3, General is 11/10)
    UM UCMC, KCC Streett Conference Room
  • Multidisciplinary Breast Conference: 8 a.m., Every Tuesday
    Radiology/Oncology Conference Room
  • Pharmacy &Therapeutics (P & T) Committee: 7:30 a.m., Third Wednesday of each month
    UM UCMC Maryland Room 
  • Credentials Committee 7:30 - 9 a.m., Third Friday of each month
  • Medical Staff Leadership  8 - 9 a.m., Fourth Thursday of each month
    UM UCMC, Fallston Room/UM HMH, MSCR
  • Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Committee: 5 p.m., Quarterly, Wednesdays
    HMH MSCR and UCMC Fallston Rm
    Upcoming dates: March 15, June 21, Sept 20, Dec 20

  • Allied Health Practitioner Committee:8 – 9 a.m., Third Tuesday of each month