Our experienced orthopedic surgeons, along with our knowledgeable anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and social workers, guide patients from pre-surgery education through post-surgery rehabilitation. We perform the following procedures:

Anterior Hip Replacement

Our team is one of the few surgical practices who perform the Anterior Approach to Total Hip Arthroplasty (AATHA), a tissue-sparing alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery that provides the potential for less pain, faster recovery and improved mobility because the muscle tissues are spared during the surgical procedure.

Patient-Specific Knee Replacement

Computer guided imagery and technology is utilized to create a surgery tailored to your unique anatomy resulting in a new joint that fits better, is more comfortable and lasts longer than traditional knee replacements.

Mobile Bearing/Platform Knee

In this technique, the cushion between the upper and the lower parts of the artificial joint is free to move as the joint moves creating better contact, rotation and absorption of the forces. This results in less stress on the joint, improved resistance to wear and reduced loosening of the implant in the long bones of the leg.

Uni and Mini Knee Replacement

A type of knee replacement surgery best for patients with damage to only one side of the knee. More of your natural bone and tissue structure is retained in this procedure as compared with a total knee replacement. It can be performed with minimally invasive techniques for a faster, less painful recovery.

Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

A minimally invasive surgery to repair torn anterior cruciate ligaments in the knee; ligaments are taken from other areas and grafted onto the knee joint through small incisions to recreate a functioning knee joint.

Arthroscopically Assist Rotator Cuff Repairs

A less invasive option to open shoulder repair surgery in which cameras and surgical instruments are inserted through small incisions and the tear in the rotator cuff is repaired without opening up the whole shoulder area. This results in less post-surgical pain and a quicker recovery time.

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

A type of shoulder joint replacement where the plastic socket is fitted into the upper arm bone and the metal ball is attached to the shoulder bone. This option is better than the traditional shoulder replacement for more complex shoulder problems such as instances where the rotator cuff is torn. In this procedure, the new joint does not rely on the rotator cuff to move the arm.

Denovo® Cartilage Transplantation

A single step cartilage repair procedure using living cartilage tissue implanted into the damaged area. The implanted tissue then begins to grow and regenerate healthy cartilage in the joint.

Robotic Arm-Assisted Joint Replacement

An innovative, and minimally invasive, surgical technique, robotic arm-assisted surgery can be used in total hip and partial knee replacement for adults living with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. X-rays taken prior to surgery are used to develop a 3-D virtual animation that guides the surgeon during the procedure. The technique allows for a more optimal positioning of the joint implant, creating a better fit, a more natural motion following surgery and a quicker recovery time.