Cancer Treatment and Surgery

The Kaufman Cancer Center has comprehensive treatment services for all types of cancer, each staffed by experts who work together in multidisciplinary teams to care for the unique needs of each cancer patient.

Upper Chesapeake Hematology/Oncology

Our practice consists of five board certified and highly experienced physicians who have been, together, a mainstay in Harford County. They serve as your guide to treatment--they review the reason your primary care or referring physician has sent you to the Cancer Center, assess your initial test results and make recommendations either for further testing or treatment.

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Radiation Therapy

Nearly two-thirds of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy, either alone or combined with chemotherapy or surgery, at some time during their cancer treatment. Traditional radiation therapy is delivered in small daily doses over the course of weeks. Newer treatment methods can take much less time, as concentrated high-dose radiation is delivered directly to the tumor with extreme precision.

Our highly trained team of experts have actually helped develop the radiation technology, allowing them to handle even the most advanced or complex cases. We have some of the best technology available anywhere, and the expertise to use it.

  • We have two linear accelerators that deliver high-energy x-rays to the region of the patient's tumor. This allows for the delivery of higher doses of radiation to tumors in shorter time, while minimizing the damage to surrounding normal tissues and organs. This highly precise system decreases the length of time patients need to spend undergoing treatment.
  • Brachytherapy works by targeting the cancerous tumors inside the breast or prostate. The source of radiation is placed directly inside or next to the tumor reducing the risk of damage to healthy tissue and organs.

Infusion Center

Our Center supports your independence and minimizes disruption to work and family life by offering infusion therapy in a comfortable outpatient setting. We specialize in chemotherapy administration for cancer care as well as intravenous (IV) treatments for dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, infections, endocrinology and rheumatology.

Cancer Surgery

You've been told you have cancer. You've looked at your treatment options, and you and your doctor agree that surgery is needed. Surgery is used to prevent, diagnose, and treat all types of cancers. Surgery can also relieve discomfort or problems related to cancer. Sometimes, one surgery can take care of more than one of these goals. In other cases, different operations may be needed over time.

Now, you have questions about what to expect. Although the idea of having surgery for cancer can certainly make you feel anxious, knowing what to expect can help you feel more comfortable and reduce stress.

It's not unusual for patients to wait a few weeks after learning they have cancer to have surgery, and this depends on the type of cancer and other factors. In most cases, you will have time to learn more about the cancer and your treatment options, talk to your family and others who have had cancer and organize your thoughts.

Our highly-trained surgeons treat patients with primary, advanced and recurrent cancer. And our Cancer LifeNet team is there to guide you through the insurance process, removing the burden of financial details while you and your family focus on the main goal--preparing for surgery, recovery, and a return to better health.