When it comes to cancer, almost two-thirds of patients will receive radiation therapy, either alone or combined with chemotherapy or surgery. Radiation therapy  uses high-energy radiation to shrink or destroy cancer cells.

Traditionally  delivered in small doses over the course of weeks, radiation therapy’s level of precision has increased dramatically thanks to advancements in technology. It takes much less time than ever before. Even very tiny tumors can be treated with less damage to surrounding normal tissue and fewer side effects for patients. 

Quality Cancer Care in Harford County

At the Kaufman Cancer Center located at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel Air, a highly trained team of experts from the University of Maryland School of Medicine directs radiation therapy. Our experienced radiation oncologists  work alongside our surgical and medical oncologists and the entire clinical team including nurse navigators, radiation therapists, patient care coordinators, nutritionists, speech language pathologists and physical therapists.

Types of Radiation

Radiation oncology is tailored specifically to each person and our services include:

  • 3D conformal radiation therapy
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy/volumetric modulated arc therapy
  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy/stereotactic ablative body radiation, treatment equivalent to Cyberknife 
  • Advanced photon/electron linear accelerators including Varian's Trilogy System and Varian’s TrueBeam Radiotherapy System
  • Ionizing radiation that directly targets the tumor while protecting surrounding healthy tissue
  • Breath hold radiation treatment for breast cancer, a technique allowing radiation to target the tumor, while limiting the amount of radiation to the heart
  • High-dose brachytherapy for skin cancers, gynecologic cancers, breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • A proton therapy specialist who, when needed, will coordinate additional treatment at the Maryland Proton Therapy Center 
  • Radiation therapy in combination with chemotherapy or immunotherapy

We review your individual radiation treatment plan continuously to ensure your care remains safe and effective, and it accommodates any changes in size or location to a tumor.

Radiation Treatment Technology

We have some of the best technology available anywhere, right here in Harford County, including:

  • TrueBeam Radiotherapy System is a linear accelerator (a device used to send high doses of precisely targeted radiation) that delivers radiation much faster than earlier systems.
  • Trilogy System is another type of linear accelerator that combines the capabilities of other technologies into one machine, allowing our radiation oncologists to deliver treatment to tumors quickly and precisely.
  • Brachytherapy is a source of radiation treatment that is placed directly inside or next to the tumor that works by targeting cancerous cells from inside the body. It reduces the risk of damage to healthy tissue and significantly improves outcomes and shortens treatment time.
  • Vision RT (vision radiation therapy) enables radiation therapists to ensure patients are in exactly the right position during treatment and that only a very targeted area receives radiation while healthy tissue remains safe.
  • AlignRT is a system that detects when a patient moves or shifts positions during treatment. Using advanced cameras that monitor thousands of points on a patient’s skin, the AlignRT automatically pauses treatment until the patient’s position has been corrected.
  • Tumor Treating Fields is a treatment for patients with glioblastoma (tumors in the brain tissue) that works by disrupting the division of cancer cells to stop tumor growth.

Your Cancer Treatment Plan

When you or someone you love receive a cancer diagnosis, it is important to consider all available treatment options with your healthcare team. At the Kaufman Cancer Center, we coordinate all of our resources, from the expertise of our medical team to the sophistication of our technology, for each patient. 

With the most advanced radiation treatment services, access to clinical trials and our team of specialists, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best cancer treatment possible, right here in Harford County.  

Treatment plans are discussed in our Multidisciplinary Clinic that includes specialists who are dedicated to ensuring exceptional care. Patients can feel confident that their cancer care plan has been developed and reviewed by multiple physicians and personalized just for them. 

Hope and healing close to home.

Referring Physicians 

For additional information, please call 443-643-1199. Our robust programs and specialists ensure patients have access to the most cutting-edge treatment in their own community.