John , before and after bariatric surgery

My decision to have the surgery came when:
I woke up blind one morning due to my blood sugar level which was over 400. I had been overweight for years, up and down. I ignored all the signs and symptoms, and I should know better because I am an Emergency Medical Technician. Then, I had seen an embarrassing photo of myself and it was a defining moment for me. I knew I needed to do this for myself, my wife and my daughters.

My biggest surprise after the surgery was:
With the preparation I received, there were no surprises, but I didn’t expect the changes to happen so quickly. Now, my energy levels are off the charts. Sometimes I don’t know how to take all the compliments.

Conditions I had before the surgery that have now improved or disappeared:
I used to have neuropathy in my fingers due to diabetes, and now I have neither issue. My sleep apnea has greatly improved and my general aches and pains – including kidney pain – are gone.

Advice for others considering the surgery:
I am happy to be an advocate for this surgery. I have already consulted with friends. My advice is to go to an information session and learn about how your particular case can be addressed and then do the work. You can’t believe what good things will come to you as a result of taking that first step.

The best part of the program at the University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital Bariatric Surgery was:
The support I got was so great. My physicians were very thorough and I always knew the good and bad possibilities, but mostly I knew that if I stuck with their program and returned to the support groups, I would succeed.

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