My decision to have the surgery came when:
I decided I hadn’t ticked off enough people and wanted to stick around to do that. Seriously, I had a friend who had the surgery, but I wanted it done at University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital since I live in Havre de Grace and Harford is my hospital. I was unsure at first, but started the process anyway.

My biggest surprise after the surgery was:
I have tons more energy now. I was surprised at how good I felt afterwards. It’s better than I ever thought it would be.

Conditions I had before the surgery that have now improved or disappeared:
I went from three diabetes medications to none. My blood pressure is improved – less medication there. I breathe better. I sleep better. It’s been nice.

Advice for others considering the surgery:
This is a lifestyle change in more ways than one. People think you are sick because you are skinny, but I don’t care what people think. I did this for me and my wife. You have to want it deep down. Then you have to ask lots of questions, commit to the program and follow-up. It is worth every penny and every minute you spend on it.

The best part of the program at the University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital Bariatric Surgery was:
It is close to home for me and I know many of the people that work at University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital. I had no problems or complications, but I followed the process. The support, even now, is great.

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