Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis of the Proposed Chesapeake Health Expansion RESI of Towson University 

The University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) system will have a new facility and be prepared to serve the future population of Harford County by 2020. UM UCH is planning to expand Upper Chesapeake Medical Center–Bel Air and construct a new facility, Upper Chesapeake Medical Center–Havre de Grace, to meet the health care demands of the growing population.   The project is set to begin in early 2017 and finish by 2020. RESI of Towson University conducted a study that estimated that the construction and renovations to UM UCH’s two facilities will generate over 975 construction jobs, $136.6 million in wages, and $435.4 million in economic impact. During construction and renovation, UM UCH will continue to offer health services to Harford County with a staff of more than 3,000 employees, supporting $638.9 million in wages and $1.7 billion in economic activity.    The renovated and new facilities are anticipated to become operational in 2020. In addition, it is expected that most staff will be moved from UM Harford Memorial Hospital to the UM UCMC–Havre de Grace located near Bulle Rock, or to UM UCMC–Bel Air.  As a result of the new facilities, RESI estimated that the net economic impact will generate an additional $13.1 million in wages and $39.5 million in economic activity for Harford County.