Updated communication – Monday, 7/23/18

Since April, we are faced with a difficult but necessary consideration given the changing demands of the City of Havre de Grace on our Vision 2020 development plans on the Bulle Rock property.  Their newly proposed requirements for the site planning process include new requirements for UM UCH related to city-mandated water and roadwork that had already been agreed upon.  These conditions for approval have moved the goalposts for the project, substantially changing the previously expected timeline and increasing costs for the opening of the new campus.  Additionally, the City has created an unpredictable local approval process impacting future development for the property.  The requirements are significant enough that UM UCH is now exploring other potential sites outside the city that may be more feasible and favorable for UM UCH and the Harford County community overall.  We are passionate about our vision of improving our health care delivery system focusing on increasing access to care, coordinating efforts between hospital care providers and community care providers, and developing new models of care delivery supported by state-of-the-art technology.  


Upper Chesapeake Health has been the community healthcare system in our region for over a century.  Over the last couple of years, you have heard about our plans to develop a modern medical campus on our 97 acre property off of I95-Rt 155, expanding the Bel Air campus (including parking)  and the appropriate reuse of the UM Harford Memorial Hospital site.  This coordinated, but very complex planning is what we have referred to as Vision 2020. 

Across the country, a great shift is happening. Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are changing the healthcare experience – for the better.  New technology has, over time, decreased the need for traditional hospitalization.  People are treated earlier in their disease or when a health condition is diagnosed with an eye toward avoiding emergencies. The goal is to better manage their health conditions and engage individuals in prevention and wellness programs that enhance overall quality of life.  

We see something greater. Not just hospital care. Health care.

At University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, we know that real healthcare is about more than a building.  It’s about meeting your healthcare needs – with greater coordination with your doctors and healthcare providers.  It’s about greater comfort, supported by the best healthcare facilities and technology available.  It’s about anticipating your needs and being proactive with treatment and support. It’s about keeping you healthy, with preventative healthcare, wellness initiatives, innovative community partnerships and chronic disease management, so you can stay out of the hospital and keep living your life.   Most importantly, it’s about continuing to be there for you when you need us most – when you’re scared, anxious, hurting and vulnerable.

Here is what you can expect as we bring Vision 2020 to reality.

  • A new medical campus in Havre de Grace, designed and built for today’s healthcare needs and technology, with a 24 hour 7 day/week emergency department, observation beds for two day medically related stays, outpatient services and primary and specialty care physician practices on campus.
  • An expansion of behavioral health services to treat the staggering number of people in our community who are struggling with mental illness.  
  • An expansion to our Bel Air hospital campus with additional beds
  • Expanded parking options on the Bel Air campus is in progress now and will continue through to 2020.
  • In partnership with our physicians, an ambulatory surgery center and Ambulatory  Institute Center of Excellence. 
  • In partnership with our local long-term care providers, telemedicine visits for patients in a skilled nursing facility  so they don’t have to be transferred to the hospital (unless absolutely necessary) for an evaluation and work-up
  • In partnership with the Health Department and Healthy Harford, home visits by a team of nurses, social workers and pharmacists for our sickest, most medically complex patients so we can assist not only with their medical needs, but their social, financial and lifestyle needs
  • In partnership with the United Way’s 2-1-1 Helpline, collaborating with and strengthening community health services for those in need.

The same dedication, passion and confidence that brought our community the “new” Bel air campus more than 15 years ago is now being focused on bringing high quality, modern and innovative medicine to Havre de Grace. This is how we will achieve something greater – the healthcare you need, when you need it, where you need it.  We know that this is a different vision of health care, but we also know that planning for the future, unconstrained by the past, is essential to improving the health of our community. If you have specific questions, visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us at marketing@uchs.org and we’ll respond to any questions you have.