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Thank you for your interest in the latest issue of Maryland’s Health Matters! At UM Upper Chesapeake Health, we are committed to giving you and your family the information you need to live healthfully. Here is some additional content that wasn’t available in the print magazine. We hope you enjoy it!

Freak Out or Chill Out? (page 4)
Fevers are scary when you're a parent, especially for a first-time mom or dad. But they're bound to happen, no matter how careful you are. So when should you call the doctor? When should you relax? And, if you do need a doctor and can't get in touch with your pediatrician, visit one of three ChoiceOne Urgent Care locations.

4 Weeks to Lower Cholesterol (page 4)
A lot can happen in four weeks, including transforming your unhealthy habits into a cholesterol-lowering, heart-saving routine. Read our article with tips for each week in this issue! You can also download your FREE heart-healthy and low sodium grocery guide.

Still Standing (pages 6-8)
When a bicycle accident left Valerie Snyder at risk for losing her leg, she was thankful for the expert surgical care she received at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. 

GammaPod Zeroes in on Breast Cancer (pages 10-12)
GammaPod, a new method of radiation treatment for women with early-stage breast cancer, delivers a higher dose of radiation to the tumor with less damage to normal breast tissue and the heart and lungs.  Watch a video demonstration of this new technology, which is exclusively offered at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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