Departmental Scope of Services

photo of a caregiver comforting a patient3 West is a 16-bed women's health unit. All rooms are private and include personal showers. We provide patient-centered care with educational support for both the patient and their families.

Types of Patients Served

  • Overflow mother/baby couplets
  • High-risk antepartum women
  • Medical/surgical female patients with various diagnoses
  • GYN patients

Overview of Department Services

  • Patient-centered care for medical/surgical patients
  • Family-centered care for OB, returning postpartum, and high-risk antepartum patients
  • Multidisciplinary plan of care and support services for OB patients

Staffing Model

  • Patient-centered care by RNs with support of CNAs
  • Patient care coordinator on day shift to oversee the daily unit activities
  • Nurse to patient ratio is 1 to 5 patients

3 West cares for women in all stages across their lifespan. Our goal is to provide holistic, personal care for our patients and their families.

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