At UM St. Joseph Medical Center, we're known for cozy, family-centered care where more than 2,000 babies are delivered each year. We're also known throughout the area for advanced obstetrics services. Find a doctor

For instance, in our Perinatal Center mothers and babies receive close consultation and comprehensive care for high-risk pregnancies – ranging from severe lupus to renal transplants, diabetes, heart disease, and multiple pregnancies.

The department boasts two maternal-fetal medicine specialists and six registered sonographers who conduct 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images in an American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine accredited facility.

A 7,200 square foot Level III B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, directed by neonatologist Michael Langbaum, M.D., provides state-of-art care for neonates and multiples.

UM St. Joseph has the largest number of certified nurse-midwives of any hospital in the metropolitan area, providing pregnant mothers with a wide range of choices for their birthing experience. Our midwifery groups consist of board-certified nurse midwives who have privileges granted by the medical staff. In addition to their own practice, they provide 24/7 back up and support to obstetricians, as needed.

2018 Reader's Choice Winners from Baltimore's ChildIn 2018, UM St. Joseph was voted "Best Place to Have a Baby," by Baltimore's Child readers.