At UM St. Joseph Medical Center, we're known for cozy, family-centered care, where more than 2,000 babies are delivered each year. We're also known throughout the area for advanced obstetrics services. Find a doctor

For instance, in our Perinatal Center mothers and babies receive close consultation and comprehensive care for high-risk pregnancies – ranging from severe lupus to renal transplants, diabetes, heart disease, and multiple pregnancies.

The department boasts two maternal-fetal medicine specialists and six registered sonographers who conduct 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images in an American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine accredited facility.

A 7,200 square foot Level III B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, directed by neonatologist Michael Langbaum, MD, provides state-of-art care for neonates and multiples.

UM St. Joseph has the largest number of certified nurse-midwives of any hospital in the metropolitan area, providing pregnant mothers with a wide range of choices for their birthing experience. Our midwifery groups consist of board-certified nurse midwives who have privileges granted by the medical staff. In addition to their own practice, they provide 24/7 back up and support to obstetricians, as needed.

2018 Reader's Choice Winners from Baltimore's ChildIn 2018, UM St. Joseph was voted "Best Place to Have a Baby," by Baltimore's Child readers.

Parents of children of all ages can rest assured that our team of pediatric specialists is available to provide expert and compassionate inpatient and outpatient care at every level of need. Learn more about our comprehensive Pediatrics program or find a doctor.