UM St. Joseph Medical Center's Safe Driver Assessment Program is an in-house clinical assessment program. Our specially trained Occupational Therapist can determine the ability of individuals to drive safely. The program targets individuals who are coping with the side effects of aging, amputations, arthritis, diabetes, dementia, low vision, multiple sclerosis, parkinsonism, stroke, brain injury, or memory loss. 

Our program consists of standardized tests which provide a comprehensive analysis of an individual's cognitive, perceptual, emotional, and physical capabilities. From these results, we can provide valuable feedback concerning an individual's readiness for driving and a recommendation for further on-the-road evaluation and training if necessary.

Assessment Process

  • A physician order is required for "OT Driver Evaluation". An individual, family member or a physician may request this service.
  • Allow 2 hours for the assessment process.
  • Results of the clinical Safe Driver Assessment are written in a concise summary report outlining the individual's driving capacities and impairments. A recommendation for further on-the-road evaluation can be arranged with a local program.
  • Information will be provided to the referring physician.

The Safe Driver Assessment Program is staffed by a licensed Occupational Therapist with specialized training in clinical driver evaluation.

For more information or to schedule and appointment, please call 410-427-2431.