The UM St. Joseph’s Movement Disorders Clinic provides guidance and support for patients who are living with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders including; atypical parkinsonism, dystonia, ataxia, tics and chorea, as well as cognitive impairment disorders like dementia. Lynn Chouhfeh, MD, serves as medical director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at UM St. Joseph.


As the symptoms associated with neurological diseases progress, patients often experience difficulty walking, or carrying out day-to-day tasks such as dressing or bathing. Speech, communication, and swallowing abilities could also be impacted. Our team is comprised of a neurologist and physical, occupational, and speech therapists to collaborate develop and apply interdisciplinary plans of care for each individual patients. Additionally, our rehabilitation team has undergone allied team training through the Parkinson’s Foundation.


To treat these issues our expert staff works with patients to identify recovery goals that maximize independence and optimize their quality of life. There are a few research-based approaches that have had tended to help the vast majority of our patients:

  • LSVT BIG encourages patients to increase the size and pace of their movements; think bigger steps, quicker steps and transitions, and more use of the body during movement
  • LSVT LOUD promotes the use of vocal cords in a more dominating manner; it encourages patients to speak more clearly, louder, and with confidence, to improve communication.