Lymphedema is swelling that results from an insufficient or damaged lymphatic system, often resulting from removal of lymph nodes, radiation, trauma, surgery or infection. It mostly occurs in the extremities but may also occur in the face, trunk, abdomen, and genitals. If left untreated, this chronic and progressive condition can cause significant swelling of the body part, infection, wounds, and impairments in mobility/use of the limb.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at St. Joseph now offers Complete Decongestive Therapy, which focuses on reducing the swelling through manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging/garments, decongestive exercises, and patient education on self-management. Lauren Akerboom MPT, CLT and Jennifer Raimondi DPT, CLT, and Christine Hudacek MPT, CLT are certified through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies to perform Complete Decongestive Therapy on patients with lymphedema.

To schedule an appointment or to receive more information on Lymphedema, contact Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at 410-337-1336 and press 1.