We are a major center for spine and scoliosis surgery, offering a complete spectrum of treatment for problems including injuries, tumors, and developmental irregularities.

Our highly experienced physicians and staff are leaders in the research and development of spinal surgery. Treatment is tailored for each patient and ranges from conservative medical and physical therapy to the latest surgical options. Our spine specialists have helped hundreds of thousands of people who suffered from a wide range of back pain and spine conditions regain their quality of life. Conditions include:

Adolescent and Adult Scoliosis

Young people receive accurate diagnosis with a minimum of X-rays and may be fitted with a brace to straighten the curve. Large curves or those that progress will require surgery. Spinal surgeons look at the entire spinal architecture, offering custom solutions. Adult can suffer scoliosis, too, often in conjunction with stenosis. This is usually a very complex condition that our experienced specialists address with the utmost skill and careful planning.

Cervical Herniated Disc

This common problem can be treated non-surgically or may require advanced surgical procedures, including minimally invasive surgery or cervical discectomy and fusion or disc replacement.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

A ruptured disc, also called a herniation, can cause debilitating back pain. Treatments range from injections to micro-dissection, in which disc fragments are carefully removed.

Spinal Stenosis

This common degenerative condition is treated conservatively at first, including nonsurgical care, physical therapy, and injections. For severe cases, a laminectomy can be performed, which involves removing parts of the bone that are putting pressure on the nerves.