Meet Your Partners in Care

In addition to performing several tests prior to surgery to ensure that you are physically ready, representatives from your cardiac team will review aspects of your surgery. They will be available to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to ensure that you have a positive experience during your stay.

Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant/Registered Nurse

The Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant works closely with the surgeons and will follow you throughout your hospital stay. The nurse will provide education upon admission regarding information specific to hospital, pre-operative and post-operative potential experiences. The nurse will assist in coordinating with all the other departments that need to see you plus post-operative video education.

Cardiac Surgeon

Your cardiac surgeon will meet with you to discuss your surgery and how long it should take. He will review the surgical consent form and give you an opportunity to ask any questions before signing.


An anesthesiologist will ask you about your medical history, prior surgical and anesthesia experiences. Your allergies and current medications will also be reviewed. This review is necessary so that the anesthesiologist is well prepared to treat you individually during your surgery.


Radiology will perform a chest-x ray and possibly a carotid artery ultrasound. The results from any radiology tests ordered will be sent to your surgeon.


The respiratory therapy department may perform an arterial blood gas to determine oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Prior to surgery, you may have a pulmonary function test to determine lung capacity. If you smoke, please stop in order to improve blood flow and breathing.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you regain independence, mobility and strength, after cardiac surgery. The physical therapist, possibly in coordination with an occupational therapist, will assess your current level of function and home situation to help in discharge planning. An exercise specialist may assist you in collaboration with these therapists in your daily walking.

CV Fitness

CV Fitness will provide information on their services for future cardiac rehabilitation while you are in the hospital.

Integrated Care Management/Case Manager

Your case manager assists in coordinating all services needed for discharge. Discharge will be to home or an inpatient rehabilitation facility. The case manager will involve you and your family in the discharge planning process. They will review your insurance coverage with you and provide choices for home care.

Discharge Planning

Providing a discharge plan is part of the hospital care for all patients. The Discharge Plan is based upon the individual patient's needs: physical therapy, family support, living situation, insurance coverage, and other factors. The goal is to provide a plan for a safe patient discharge.