The Liver and Pancreas Center's patients are everyday people whose stories of courage and triumph are touching and inspiring. Beyond the latest technology, practice, and training, it's our patients who truly give us hope.

Tyrone Brooks

Referred to The Liver and Pancreas Center with a tumor the size of an orange on his liver, Tyrone relied on his faith, his family and Dr. Fraiman to get him healthy and back on his feet again. Two surgeries later, Tyrone is back to playing sax at services every Sunday.

Teresa Knox

Diagnosed with rare and inoperable cancer by two hospitals, Teresa turned to The Liver and Pancreas Center and Dr. Mark Fraiman. Today, after a successful Whipple Surgery, she is cancer-free and living a full life with her family. In months after her surgery, she even auditioned for The Voice.

Monica Stewart

Rushed to the emergency room with unbearable stomach pain, Monica learned that she had a mass on her spleen. Referred to The Liver and Pancreas Center and Dr. Mackey, Monica received a careful explanation, a successful surgery and a new lease on life. Today, she is fully recovered and back in the classroom, teaching elementary school children.

Erik Oosterwijk

Found by his family as unresponsive and in a glycemic coma, health-conscious Erik was diagnosed with a tumor on his pancreas. After a successful Whipple Surgery, he is back in the gym and running his gourmet meat business.

Adam Gutman

Awakened by acute pain the morning after the Ravens Super Bowl victory, Adam was diagnosed with an incredibly rare adrenal gland tumor and referred to The Liver and Pancreas Center. He was seen within 24 hours and in surgery within 8 days. In the days between diagnosis and surgery, Adam married his fiancé, Lindy. After a successful surgery, he recently returned from his honeymoon.

Camille Quillen

Diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor at the same age her mother died of pancreatic cancer, Camille did not want to confront her situation. The The Liver and Pancreas Center tracked her down and performed a successful Whipple Surgery. Today, she is back working in her furniture consignment store and is very grateful for the treatment she received.