The Breast Center offers a high risk breast cancer screening program for patients at a higher risk level for developing breast cancer in their lifetime to begin to consult with a breast cancer specialist and establish a routine monitoring program. The program will also identify risk-reduction strategies such as a weight-loss program, chemoprevention, and potential prophylactic surgery.

The program provides individualized risk assessment, screening, and preventative cancer treatment for patients with known risk factors and/or for those patients with a concern for potential high risk status. The team includes breast oncology surgeons, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, genetic counselor, social worker, and many other dedicated staff members.

At the Breast Center, Dr. Ethan Rogers directs the new high risk program to assist in evaluation, management, and prevention strategies for women and men at high risk for development of breast cancer, whether on the basis of genetics or other criteria.

High Risk Treatment

According to the American Cancer Society, high risk is defined as a lifetime risk of 20% or more (moderate risk is 15-20% and normal risk is <15%). To determine an individual's risk level, the team reviews specific data, such as personal medical history, family history, and prior biopsies.

The first step in determining your risk level is to complete the online risk assessment tool. Each submission is reviewed by Dr. Rogers to determine the personalized risk level. Individuals deemed to be at a low or average risk will receive a letter from Dr. Rogers confirming your results. Individuals deemed to be at a high risk for developing breast cancer will receive a phone call from Dr. Rogers to explain the results and suggest next steps. The high risk individuals are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rogers or another breast cancer specialist.

The Breast Center is uniquely equipped with the necessary tools and expert team of professionals to help monitor, diagnose and treat each patient.

Take action, begin your risk assessment online.