• Minimum commitment of four (4) hours per week
  • Minimum commitment of six (6) months per year
  • Completion and submission of the Adult Volunteer Application
  • Personal interview to discuss interests and availability and to assure a match of applicant's motivation with the needs and objectives of the Medical Center
  • Completion and submission of all required documents and forms received at the interview
  • Background screening
  • Screening for immunity to infectious diseases
  • Two Tuberculosis tests
  • Flu vaccination
  • Orientation training and testing
  • Physical factors
    • Some assignments require standing, walking, pushing and lifting during the entire volunteer shift
    • Some assignments require sitting, with little or no walking
    • Some assignments require a mix of sitting and walking
    • If volunteering in the Emergency Room, BLS certification is required through the American Heart Association
  • We do not participate in any court-appointed work service programs


  • After receipt of your completed Adult Volunteer Application we will call you and schedule an interview
  • At the interview, we will discuss with you your interests, motivations for volunteering and availability
  • You will be given a packet of documents to read and forms to complete and return to us, including:
  • You will be scheduled with our Employee Health office to be screened for immunizations and receive two (2) tuberculosis tests
  • Upon our receipt of all your completed and signed documents and forms, we will conduct a background screening
  • At the successful conclusion of the application process, you will be authorized to receive an employee Photo Identification Badge
  • Upon receipt of your badge, you will be introduced to your volunteer assignment and begin your volunteer service

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Patient Care
    • Patient transportation
    • Patient/staff liaison
    • Nursing staff assistance
    • Emergency Room assistance
    • Patient visitation
    • Other
  • Non-Patient Care
    • Greeters at information desks and reception areas
    • Greeters at Eucharistic Ministers Spiritual Care Desk
    • Office clerical support
    • Laundry services
    • Supply services
    • Other
  • Days and Times
    • Most opportunities are available from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday
    • Some opportunities are available from 7 am to 11 pm everyday

Volunteer Placement

We will try to match your requests with our needs, but specific department assignments cannot be guaranteed.