Dr. Michael J. Schultz, a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, found that he could create an unparalleled paradigm of care for his "family" of patients when he came to University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center in 2006. "Developing our Breast Center has been the culmination of my life's dream as a physician. The multidisciplinary team, where up to 30 clinicians from different clinical disciplines, meet and decide on a course of action for a single patient is a phenomenal way to practice medicine. It's incredibly patient-centered, and we have an outstanding team."

As a breast surgeon, Dr. Schultz has a gift for seeing the patient as a whole person, not as a case to be treated. "I tell physicians you can't treat a slide or a lump. You have to treat the patient around it." To deliver this kind of compassionate care, Dr. Schultz goes to tremendous lengths. No matter where he is, Dr. Schultz makes sure that his patients can reach him anytime, on any continent in the world. "Once I start taking care of someone, we're together for life." When Dr. Schultz meets with his patients, he sits side by side with them at a round table. "I want them to know we're in this together. There is no one way to treat breast cancer. Each person has different feelings about how they want their life to be after their surgery and each feeling has to be taken into account before we make a decision together. "It is this unique focus on the personal aspect of breast cancer that has earned Dr. Schultz the gratitude of his patients and sets the tone for how this disease is approached by all clinicians at our Breast Center.

Surgical oncologists Dr. Schultz and Dr. Ethan S. Rogers, who recently joined the Breast Center team, specialize in the removal of tumors and the surrounding tissue. Drs. Schultz and Rogers are widely published in medical literature and nationally recognized by their peers. Both are experts in advanced surgical treatments typically found at larger university medical centers.

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Michael J. Schultz, MD, FACS                Ethan Rogers, MD, Surgical Oncologist

"Once I start taking care of someone, we're together for life." ~ Michael J. Schultz, MD

Dr. Couzi sitting down speaking with a patient while holding her handMedical oncologist Dr. Rima Couzi specializes in treating cancer with chemotherapy as well as other targeted oral therapies, to stop the cancer cells' ability to grow. Clinical expertise and compassionate care are the hallmarks of UM St. Joseph Medical Center's oncology professional and support staff. Prioritizing patient comfort, they provide infusion of chemo-therapy, blood products, intravenous fluids, antibiotics, targeted therapies and growth factors. Radiation oncologists Dr. Stephen Ronson and Dr. Jason Citron specialize in treating breast cancer with radiation therapy.

Nurse Navigator

Newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families are often full of anxiety about the diagnosis and upcoming treatment. A disease-specific nurse navigator is available to all UM St. Joseph Medical Center cancer patients. This specialized nursing professional helps patients learn about their disease and supports patients and families throughout the entire cancer treatment process. The dedicated Survivorship Program Nurse helps transition patients from treatment through extended survivorship. As a part of the continuum of cancer care, the Breast Center provides lymphedema evaluation for at-risk patients. The team is aware of the signs and symptoms of lymphedema, enabling early detection and management of this potential complication of breast cancer treatment.

Dr. Ronson and Dr. Citron posing for photo behind a computer screen in a treatment roomThe diagnosis of breast cancer is frightening because the treatment modalities may include removal of the breast(s) and loss of hair. This plays directly into a woman's sense of her feminine self. There is a special paradigm of treating breast cancer patients holistically at our Breast Center, tapping into their innermost anxieties and guiding them to understanding that breast cancer is most often a highly treatable disease with successful outcomes, and bringing awareness that she will, indeed, be the person she was before cancer.

Advancements in Breast Cancer Research

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View Dr. Schultz's interview with WBALTV about advancements in breast cancer research.

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