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Geraldine G. Schultz, the mother of the Breast Center's medical director, Michael J. Schultz, MD, was born in 1913 and passed away peacefully on July 10, 2013. In addition to her many accomplishments as a devoted mother and friend to her community, she was the inspiration for Dr. Schultz's life's work. Mrs. Schultz was a 40-year breast cancer survivor with an emphasis on the word survivor—a woman of uncommon strength and charity.

"As a schoolteacher in Baltimore City during the heart of the Depression, my mother used large portions of her meager salary to buy shoes, clothes and even food for her needy students. This is simply who she was. She has been the inspiration for my patients. I always point out that she was diagnosed at age 60 and was a survivor at age 70, 80, and, even briefly, 100. To know that this woman who went before them continued to lead a life of great consequence with style and grace has been of enormous comfort to my patients."

Dr. Schultz saw in his mother the epitome of a strong woman who embraced her femininity. It was his dream to ensure that women would not have to lose the sense of power and elegance that his mother exhibited to a disease that often tears at the fabric of what it means to be a woman. "It was this very personal experience with this disease that spurred my dedication to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer—a potentially devastating yet very treatable and curable disease with early diagnosis and comprehensive care."

It is the goal of Dr. Schultz and others at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center to create an endowment for the Breast Center in honor of his mother. The endowment will ensure that patients have access to leading edge breast care in perpetuity, a chance to live a long and happy productive life, a most fitting tribute to the extraordinary life of Geraldine G. Schultz.