Why I Give - Henry Fostel

Why I Give - Henry Fostel

An architect, with over 40 years experience in designing complex buildings for colleges and universities, Henry Fostel, AIA, knows that it's the details that matter. And that is why his experience as a patient for five days at St. Joseph Medical Center was so unique to him. "Without exception, everyone, from the nutrition department, who made sure water was hot for my tea, to the nurses who explained every aspect of my care, details were never overlooked."

"But I guess what is so important to me is how the details were presented. Over five days I witnessed at least 12 nurses deal with situations of varying degrees of difficulty. Each one treated their patients, including me, with inordinate patience and kindness. It became obvious that there is a culture to the unit that focuses on compassion and respect, for each other and their patients. It's not easy to enjoy any hospital stay but one of the highlights of my time at St. Joseph was happily talking politics with a member of the housekeeping staff!"

Dawn Stiner, Nurse Manager of 7West, is not surprised at Fostel's experience. "Our nurses and support staff really are special. They understand and pay close attention to the emotional as well as physical needs of our patients. I feel very blessed to be working with an extraordinary group of caregivers."

Fostel, grateful for his care, has made a generous gift to support the continuing education needs of the 7 West staff. He summed up his letter simply but eloquently: "To the gentle women and the gentle men of 7 West, my thanks."

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