Why I Give

Why I Give

For her 35th birthday, Ken Suter surprised his wife Nicole with a trip to Jamaica that included 10 of their family and friends, all of whom managed to keep it a secret. The trip was made all the sweeter because it may never have happened had Nicole not had life-saving open heart surgery when she was only 26 years old and a mother to three small children.

“It’s hard to even begin to express my gratitude for what St. Joseph means to all my family without getting overly emotional. To have Nicole receive such outstanding care in a faith-based hospital meant the world to me,” comments Suter. “And I see the same care at St. Joe’s today as Nicole had many years ago.”

As founder and president of Family Respiratory and Medical Care, Suter knows all too well the importance of outstanding health care. For the past 15 years Suter has supported St. Joseph, volunteering his time as a highly active Board member of the Foundation, as well as making a strong financial commitment to the medical center. “It’s very important to me that the wonderful staff have the resources they need.” Nicole contributes her time by serving on the FANS Auxiliary Board.

To answer the question “Why I Give,” Suter has a simple response: “Every time I look and Nicole and our kids, you have your answer.”

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