One Judge's Easiest Decision

One Judge's Easiest Decision

During his many years on the Bench as Associate Judge in Baltimore County Circuit Court, the Honorable Alfred L. Brennan, Sr. was not shy about expressing his words. He is equally emphatic when talking about St. Joseph Medical Center. Undergoing treatment for cancer, Judge Brennan calls the nurses in the Cancer Institute, "my chemo angels." And he is equally effusive when talking about his Cancer Institute physicians Josh Forman, M.D. and Richard Schrader, M.D. "These fellows keep me going. They're expert doctors who also happen to be truly great people.

"I can't say enough about this place. The Cancer Institute is a completely cohesive unit. Everyone knows their job and they do it superbly. Margie, (his wife of 58 years) and I feel like we've made friends with both fellow patients and staff. I'm an outgoing guy so I love the openness of the Infusion Center. My job here is to try and get people to laugh," a task at which the Judge excels, according to The Cancer Institute staff.

He also has another role: advocate and donor for St. Joseph Medical Center. Not only does Judge Brennan make personal gifts, he has drawn on the resources of The Metropolitan Club, a local organization to benefit Juvenile Diabetes treatment and research. The Club's gifts fund our "Diabetes Toolbox," a program designed to benefit young adults with diabetes who need special attention as they transition to managing their own care without parental supervision.

Judge Brennan concludes, "My five sons and I are going salmon fishing in Alaska this summer. St. Joe's is making this dream come true for me so asking why I support the hospital is a pretty easy question to answer."

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