Honoring Betts

Honoring Betts
Larry Moran

Seven years after meeting on a high school blind date, Betts Moran flew with her parents in 1966 to Germany, to wed Larry Moran, an Army Lieutenant stationed in Stuttgart. This was the beginning of a wonderful marriage that lasted 47 years until Betts' death from pancreatic cancer in 2013.

"I always knew I had something special," says Larry quietly. "The first nine months of our marriage I was away most of the time in the signal corps. Here was Betts in a strange country and a nearly absentee husband. She never complained. Her patience, kindness and humor were her greatest gifts."

To honor his wife and the physicians and staff who cared for her at UM St. Joseph, Larry made a significant gift to the Foundation. A plaque will be placed in the Meditation Garden in memory of Betts.

"Drs. Fraiman, Mackey and Forman were amazing in their competence and compassion with Betts. Everyone at St. Joe's seemed to go the extra step with us. They were like our family."

Honoring Betts This is not surprising as Betts was a beloved volunteer at the hospital. Cheryl Slaski, Volunteer Coordinator, remembers Betts as "an incredibly kind woman who would always put others first. She was a natural with the patients. Everyone, including the staff, simply loved her."

When talking about Betts, Larry alludes to the Jesuit motto "Men For Others" of his alma mater: Loyola High School. "Change that to 'Person For Others' and you have the perfect description of Betts. She looked out for everyone."

Larry, father of two sons and grandfather to Erin, seven, and Liam, 19 months, is now a volunteer at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center. "I can never take Betts' place but I want to give back to those that were so incredible in their care of my wonderful wife."

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