A Family Member Has A Unique Way Of Giving Back

A Family Member Has A Unique Way Of Giving Back

For Joanna Fridinger, the act of giving is a family matter.

On September 25, 2009 the staff in the University of Maryland Medical Center Serpick Infusion and Multidisciplinary Center worked 9 hours straight, staying past their shifts, to try and get Janice Horner’s potassium levels under control. They were on a mission. Horner, a terminal patient, was due to be the maid-of-honor in her niece’s wedding the following day and nothing was going to prevent this from happening. The determination of Horner and The Cancer Institute staff made her dream come true and on September 26, Horner stood up for her niece in a ceremony that was about the power of love.

After Horner passed away on January 26, 2010, her sister, Joanna Fridinger, wanted to do something to honor Horner that would be meaningful for other patients. “Janice was such a giving person. She never showed up to anyone’s house – or any party – without a gift in hand,” says Fridinger, “and I wanted to find a way to continue her legacy of generosity.”

Fridinger, “The Limo Lady,” has her own limousine rental company and says “limousine rentals are about celebrations. But I wanted to do something that would be ‘over the top’ and help people suffering from cancer at the same time.” Thus, Pink With A Purpose was born. Fridinger acquired a stretch limo and had it sent to a specialty house in Missouri to have it painted bright pink, “the happiest color I can think of,” she adds. A portion of the proceeds from each Pink Limo rental go to The Cancer Institute.

Debuting in December 2010, the Pink Limo has been a smash hit. In fact, The Maryland Limousine Association made St. Joseph Medical Center’s Cancer Institute the beneficiary of its 2011 annual golf tournament held at Winter’s Run Golf Course in August. Fridinger organized a significant portion of the event and presented a $1,000 check to The Cancer Institute that day.

Not to be outdone, Fridinger continues to creatively think of ways to give to St. Joseph. In early fall 2011, Fridinger enlisted the help of her long-time friend Bill Bateman of Bill Bateman’s Bistro to help organize a month-long fundraiser for The Cancer Institute. With the help of Bateman and Fridinger’s many friends, a raffle was held throughout the month of October to benefit the medical center. The fundraiser culminated with a month-end celebration at Bill Bateman’s Bistro of North Plaza. That evening, the bistro was filled to capacity with supporters of St. Joseph and Fridinger’s pink stretch limo welcomed guests! Bill Bateman donated a portion of the day’s receipts and Fridinger presented a $2,816 donation from the event – a true success!

“The people at The Cancer Institute were amazing,” says Fridinger, “Janice spent three years there and they became our family. Not only do I want to honor Janice but I also wanted a way to pay tribute to other patients and the unbelievable staff that gave such quality to Janice’s last years. That is why I give to St. Joseph.”

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