Helen Vogel

Helen Vogel remembers Michael Schultz, MD's exact words to her in 2012 after telling her that her biopsy showed that Helen did, indeed, have breast cancer. "My job is to get you to 99 years and I intend to do just that." With those words of confidence and reassurance, Dr. Schultz, medical director of the Breast Center at UM St. Joseph Medical Center, and Helen mapped out a plan that would eradicate her cancer and allow Helen to return to a busy life that revolves around her family and close-knit circle of friends.

"Dr. Schultz walks the walk. I can't begin to express his compassion for what it means to hear those three words 'You have cancer.' Even before a diagnosis, he is tuned into the anxiety and fear that is part of the waiting process between biopsy and definitive results. Dr. Schultz does everything humanly possible to lessen that experience, particularly by getting those results as quickly as possible."

Helen credits not only Dr. Schultz but his entire team for her successful outcome, cancer free four years after diagnosis. The fan of Ravens football says, "I feel like Dr. Schultz is quarterbacking the perfect team. They leave no stone unturned. They work together seamlessly, inspired by his confidence in each treatment plan and they are steeped in compassion for every patient. I believe he is truly unique."

Helen is equally delighted that Dr. Schultz practices at UM St. Joseph Medical Center. "There is just a feeling from when you walk in the door of the hospital that everyone is here because of a calling, not a job. There is just a human connection at St. Joe's that means the world when you're at a low point."

Helen has been an early and significant champion of our Breast Center's Geraldine G. Schultz Endowment, created in 2013 by Dr. Schultz and his wife Joan, in honor of his late mother. The Fund will be used to sustain supportive care programs for breast cancer patients with a particular emphasis on survivorship initiatives.

Says, Dr. Schultz, "'Loving service and compassionate care,' longstanding hallmarks of St Joseph form the foundation of our very special patient-centered approach. Helen's very kind words have captured the essence of what we are about. Her wonderful support and very generous philanthropy will benefit all of our patients."

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