Since 2013 and 2014 respectively, UM St. Joseph Medical Center has honored physicians and nurses who have shown an exceptional commitment to extraordinary patient care, their colleagues, and their community at large by inducting them into the Healing Hands Guild and Profiles of Compassion Society. We are proud to announce the clinicians who will be joining these prestigious groups as the Class of 2020 this September. Continue reading to learn more about the three physicians and three nurses who were nominated this year.

Healing Hands Guild Class of 2020

Profiles of Compassion Society Class of 2020

  • Deborah Fleming, RN
    “I have always felt a sense of personal responsibility when it comes to protecting patients as well as staff. As a nurse, it’s important to identify safety issues and implement process changes to keep our environment of care safe, for everyone.”
  • Jennifer Lieu, MSN, CRNP, APRN-BC, CPHQ, MCSM
    “I am honored to have served 25 years at UM St. Joseph Medical Center. I believe the secret to a long fulfilling career is to continue higher learning. I would tell a nurse entering the field to get involved, be flexible, volunteer to participate in projects on your unit. Learn all you can and find a subject that you are passionate about. Research it and then teach it to others. Be the best version of yourself every day.”
  • Jeanne VanPoppel, RN
    “I stayed at UM St. Joseph for all those years because of the people. Everyone there grows together. It’s the kind of place I always wanted to work. It is the kind of place that I can go back to, to be in good company every day.”
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