Patient Name: Eleanor Jackson-Perry
Surgery: Craniotomy 
“I was having problems with my right leg paining me. The third doctor that I visited was the one who found that I had a tumor behind my left eye. She sent me to see Dr Kurtom. I just cannot find the words to express how grateful I feel for the treatment that I received from him. I was able to go home from the hospital the next day because I had done so well. I just thank God for my healing and everyone that had anything to do with the care I received.”

Patient Name: Martin Sokolich
Surgery: Craniotomy 
"I can think of no way this sudden and serious event could have been better addressed. The calm and confidence, the timing and precision, the patience and understanding associated with the surgery no doubt have led to a positive outcome. We are so fortunate to have Dr Kurtom and Community Group Neurosurgery on the Eastern Shore.”

Patient Name: Elizabeth Quick 
Surgery: Craniotomy 
"Excellent support all around." 

Patient Name: Arminda Johnson 
Surgery: Craniotomy 
"The service has been great with great compassion for physical problems." 

Patient Name: Flora Knauer 
Surgery: Spinal Tumor 
"I love Dr. Kurtom and everyone that I had contact with in his office." 

Patient Name: Tashya Ferguson 
Surgery: Spinal Tumor 
"Dr. Kurtom is the greatest man alive. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend him, very knowledgeable and friendly. You all rock!" 

Patient Name: Benn Simpson 
Surgery: Spinal Tumor 
"Just as soon as I met Dr. Kurtom, I knew everything was going to be alright. When you are comfortable with your doctor that affects 80 percent of how you will recover. With doctors like Dr. Kurtom, it's no wonder people are living as long as they are." 

Patient Name: Skip Kornmeyer 
Surgery: Spinal Tumor 
"Dr. Kurtom impressed me right off the bat. He explained the procedure completely and I was comfortable with what he told me he was going to do. What impressed me most was his personal touch with my family-taking time to explain everything to my wife and son meant so much." 

Patient Name: Barbara Sullivan 
Surgery: Spinal Tumor 
"When I needed surgery for a tumor on my spine, it was life stopping. I felt like Dr. Kurtom's first goal was to help me relax and be comfortable with him as my surgeon. He gave my family confidence too, by spending time with them after the surgery. God has blessed this man with a skill and I am just so glad he could use it on folks like me." 

Patient Name: Thomas Hollingsworth 
Surgery: Pituitary Tumor 
"It is wonderful that Memorial Hospital at Easton has a highly skilled doctor as Dr. Kurtom. Dr. Kurtom told my wife that he would take good care of me and he did. The operating room gave her updates periodically that put her at ease. Everyone was top notch. Also there was a wonderful staff of nurses in the ICU, they went over and beyond in their nursing skills."