Patient Name: Emilie Knud-Hansen
Surgery: Hardware Removal
Read the patient's letter.

Patient Name: Melvin Ward
Surgery: Kyphoplasty
“Dr. Kurtom’s medical team treats and diagnose the 'whole body' rather than a particular segment of the body.”

Patient Name: Darlene Heinel
Surgery: Ulnar Nerve Decompression
“I enjoyed my experience with this practice very much and would be using again for any other surgery I maybe having.”

Patient Name: Tracy Copper
Surgery: Skull Biopsy
"Just a great job from beginning to the end.  Everyone just respectful to your needs and really care about the different jobs they do.”

Patient Name: Cheryl Shahan 
Surgery: Spinal Cord Stimulator 
"The staff is very courteous and professional, explaining everything to me, so I understood clearly what to look forward to. They answered all questions efficiently and professionally, but yet didn’t treat me like a stranger." 

Patient Name: Patricia Haines 
Surgery: Spinal Cord Stimulator 
"Dr. Kurtom has been the best surgeon that I have had and I have had 3 surgeons over the past 5 years. I will recommend him to everyone I know that have had unsuccessful back surgeries and would like to try spinal stimulation. Thanks to him and St. Judes Medical for the devices I will have my life back to a more normal life than I have had in 5 years." 

Patient Name: Deborah Dant 
Surgery: Carpel Tunnel 
"I found Dr. Kurtom absolutely professional, while making me feel comfortable, addressing questions and concerns. Cindy certainly has the procedures down-pat and made the pre-op process painless." 

Patient Name: Gary Hall 
Surgery: Burr Hole-hematoma

"The hospital staff was excellent. I needed emergency surgery. Dr. Kurtom was very informative and reassuring. He explained everything in advance. I walked out of the ICU on my own. I was in extreme pain prior to the surgery. I am very grateful." 

Patient Name: Ardella Limberry 
Surgery: Carpal Tunnel 
"It was a job very well done by all that was involved. Every one of the staff did a wonderful job. Thanks!" 

Patient Name: Joe Shortall 
Surgery: Brain Abscess 
"Could not ask for a better experience with Dr. Kurtom or his staff." 

Patient Name: Regan King 
Surgery: Occipital Fusion 
"Dr. Kurtom gave us his cell phone and said to call anytime. This was extremely valuable for my wife and she called him with issues. She said Dr. Kurtom said all the right things and this was helpful. Dr. Kurtom has been extremely compassionate and caring. At no point has he ever made me feel like I am not a priority to him." 

Patient Name: Madeline Crouch 
Surgery: Ulnar Release 
"The thing I was quite impressed with was Cindy Yost, Practice Administrator, called and followed up on the week of the surgery. She really went to bat for me. Dr. Kurtom was very professional and I felt he knew my situation and he addressed it. Follow up visit was great along with the calls the staff made. The hand pain has stopped, although I still feel tingling in my fingers. Dr. Kurtom told me it would be normal within six months." 

Patient Name: Mary Cote 
Surgery: Spinal Cord Stimulator 
"I'm feeling 100 percent better! Thank you Dr. Kurtom." 

Patient Name: Ida Wilson 
Surgery: Spinal Cord Stimulator 
"They were all very nice. They did a good job they took care of me like I was family and I liked that. I can do things now with not as much pain." 

Patient Name: Jerry Plutschack 
Surgery: VP Shunt 
"The seriousness of brain surgery was very scary. Dr. Kurtom and his staff were always encouraging and uplifting for a positive outcome. After the surgery the doctor was always there to check on my progress. Made this surgery and recovery a better experience than I could have ever imagined." 

Patient Name: Dr. James Edwards 
Surgery: Hardware Removal, C1-6 Fusion 
"I had a wonderful experience from my very first appointment with Dr Kurtom to my very last day at Memorial Hospital at Easton."

Patient Name: Catherine Smith
Surgery: Discectomy
“I wanted to thank the practice administrator for being so prompt and efficient. I had to have a physical exam history from my primary doctor, tests and lab work done in a short time to be able to get my surgery done in the time frame that was needed. I was also impressed with the nurses and anesthesiology at the hospital. We had to go two days before surgery and the day of surgery the anesthesiologist went over everything and made me fell so comfortable. 

Dr Kurtom said I would be able to walk when my surgery was over and I sure did. It was the first time I had been able to walk and stand without pain running done my leg and foot for over three months. It was a miracle and I felt like I had angels around me. I know now why Dr Kurtom came so highly recommended. God has given him a special gift.”