Patient Name: Kathleen Laughlin
“Dr. Kurtom was extremely professional and empathetic prior to surgery. The surgery experience was wonderful my pain was relieved immediately post op. Thank you for the kind, compassionate care.”

Patient Name: Dennis Still
Surgery: L3-4 LLIF
"This was my second spinal surgery in four years. I continue to be impressed with the professionalism of the doctors, their staff, the hospital doctors, nurses and staff. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable considering surgery was involved before, during and after my procedure. We are fortunate to have a hospital of such quality in Easton and people who care performing their duties to see to the health and well-being of its patients."

Patient Name: Larry Dryden
Surgery: L2-4 TLIF with fusion extension through L5
"I was very impressed with the care and concern of the hospital staff during my surgery and stay at the Easton Memorial Hospital. I will certainly recommend Easton Memorial Hospital to all of my friends and family!"

Patient Name: Brett Wilson
Surgery: L4-5 TLIF
"From reception at my first office visit through the end of my hospital stay, everyone I met was courteous and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. Dr. Kurtom and his staff are amazing in their knowledge and ability. Easton Memorial nurses and techs were super courteous and attentive. All of these professionals made the procedure much more bearable."

Patient Name: Tony Schumeyko
Surgery: L2-4 laminectomy
"I have never been to a place where everyone was so great to me from the doctor’s office to the hospital and their staff. Dr. Kurtom is a great doctor. After surgery, there was no pain and I have not taken any pain pills so far. He even called the next morning to check on me."

Patient Name: Thomas Steele
Surgery: L2-4 laminectomy
"Dr. Kurtom is very pleasant and efficient. He did a great job on my back!"

Patient Name: Kirk Blackard
Surgery: L4-S1 TLIF
"I have never had a procedure this major before. Dr. Kurtom, the nurses and staff made me feel comfortable and cared about me throughout the entire process. As far as surgery goes, mine was actually a very positive experience. It has only been a month since my TLIF and my quality of life has already improved significantly. I couldn't be more pleased."

Patient Name: Gene Radd
Surgery: TLIF
Read the Gene's letter.

Patient Name: John O'Brien
Surgery: Discectomy
"The entire Dr. Kurtom team (from office to operating room) are extraordinary in their client concern/care and in their delivery of superb medical treatment. More like a family: they each had a singular focus of making my needs feel paramount and to delighting me with a surgical outcome. Like an All-Pro Quarterback, Dr Kurtom is as exceptionally precise and brilliant surgeon but every member of his team appeared equally valued and committed to success. Bravo!"

Patient Name: Mary Ford
Surgery: TLIF
"Before my operation, I had spoken to many people and heard many accolades concerning Dr Khalid Kurtom's ability and professionalism. I felt very confident he would do his best to correct my lumbar situation and take this horrific pain away. Dr Kurtom told me to have reasonable expectations and to follow up with physical therapy to have success. Dr Kurtom is a caring, thoughtful and wonderful doctor. What more could a person ask for. Thank you for your gifted hands."

Patient Name: Peggy Gardner
Surgery: Discectomy
"Many thanks for a successful surgery. The staff is very professional, considerate and caring. I'm on my way to a speedy recovery. Dr Kurtom is the best!!!"

Patient Name: William Dudley
Surgery: Laminectomy
"Dr Kurtom was/is a very perceptive surgeon with a valid belief in his own expertise and skill. Has a lively personality and sense of humor and takes the time to answer technical questions about the surgery (decompressive laminectomy). This eliminated pre-op stress and focuses patient on recovery process. I will certainly recommend him to anyone considering back surgery."

Patient Name: Paul Kelley
Surgery: TLIF
Read the Paul's letter.

Patient Name: John Crovo
Surgery: Laminectomy
Read the John's letter.

Patient Name: Damon Bradley
Surgery: Laminectomy
"I want to thank Dr. Kurtom for giving me back my life. I suffered from debilitating pain running down both legs as a result of what I learned was spinal stenosis, a constriction of the nerve that ultimately affected both legs. I interviewed two neurosurgeons before meeting Dr. Kurtom, both of whom correctly diagnosed my condition, and both of whom proposed invasive lumbar laminectomy (one even suggested the addition of “appliance" to keep my vertebrae separated). Dr. Kurtom indicated that he could correct the stenosis using minimally invasive procedure, thereby resulting in a much shorter recovery. On April 22, 2015, I was rolled into the operating room at 7:45 AM and was back home (30 miles away) in time for lunch after twice walking around our local park. I credit Dr. Kurtom for, as I said above, "giving me back my life." My pain is now but a fading unpleasant memory."

Patient Name: Grace Harris
Surgery: Laminectomy
"Dr. Kurtom and his surgical team is the best. Each of them spoke to me before my surgery and assured me that they would take very good care of me. Dr. Kurtom a great and caring doctor. I thank God for him. I am pain free."

Patient Name: Joanne Garber
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"I was in pain everyday-sometimes all day for the past 9 months. To wake up without waiting for the pain to begin is a gift. From the moment I came in the office till now-I have felt like I mattered. I felt so much better when Dr. Kurtom stated that he was a very conservative doctor. When he said I was the 3% that would never get better-it took me a second to make the decision. I loved that I could take a shower the same day- it was the icing on the cake. I am so grateful!"

Patient Name: Robyn Coughenour
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Dr. Kurtom and his staff gave excellent care to me before, during and after my surgery. They were also very kind to my family and put them at ease as well. I would recommend this practice to anyone and have been telling everyone of my wonderful experience."

Patient Name: Sarah Poole
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. The time frame for surgery was very quick. The staff took care of everything. Dr. Kurtom was very helpful, knowledgeable and calming."

Patient Name: Alice Hughes
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"We have never been to any doctor's office that was so clean and professional. We love Dr. Kurtom very much! He is intelligent and ready to listen to what you have to say!"

Patient Name: Charles Drescher 
Surgery: Micro Discectomy 
"I would like to first thank the staff for all their help and I would really want to say I'm truly happy that Dr. Kurtom performed my surgery and I am 100% better."

Patient Name: David Macemcy
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"At first I was a little weary and scared of the surgery. It went better than I thought and was over before I knew it. I would recommend Dr. Kurtom and his staff to everyone."

Patient Name: Lily Wooten
Surgery: Laminectomy
"I am so pleased with the surgery Dr. Kurtom performed on me on 8/30/12. I like everything about him. He’s just great!"

Patient Name: Irene Evans
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Everyone did an excellent job. I cannot think of anything that needed improvement. The staff always made me feel welcome. They were very helpful in working with me to get my disability FLMA paperwork completed."

Patient Name: Bonnie Jackson
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"My experience was positive. I appreciate the phone call from the surgeon to check on my condition the day following my surgery."

Patient Name: John Csady
Surgery: Laminectomy
"PAT nurse-excellent explanation. The post op staff was very helpful and professional."

Patient Name: Karen Callahan
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Dr. Kurtom saw me on Friday and diagnosed me and had me scheduled for surgery three days later on Wednesday which included all pre-op testing. Dr. Kurtom has fixed my problem and now I can feel my foot again. Thank you Dr. Kurtom!!"

Patient Name: Kalpesh Patel
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Office Manager was very efficient in coordinating among various labs and doctors. She really takes ownership of the entire process. Dr. Kurtom is great. After the surgery, my pain is gone."

Patient Name: Pamela Boone
Surgery: Laminectomy
"All of the staff members went out of their way to help and explain everything about my surgery. Everyone was friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I had severe leg pain for over 2 years. I had gone to pain management for shots, which did not help. Also I was treated at the vein restoration center; both legs were treated for venous insufficiency which did not help the problem. I was told by another doctor that surgery on my back to help with the problem would not be a good idea. I had been to and treated by numerous doctors with no results. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Kurtom, I wish I had known about him in the beginning. Dr. Kurtom has made my life a lot better. I don't have all the pain I had, I can walk and go places and enjoy things now. I have told my friends and others if they have back/leg pain you need to go to the BEST, Dr. Kurtom."

Patient Name: Linda Webb
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"I am so happy with the results of my surgery. It was immediate relief and I am extremely grateful."

Patient Name: Milford Warner
Surgery: Laminectomy
"Care for me was done in a very professional manner and I am very pleased with how my results turned out. Thank you for Dr. Kurtom for everything- staff too."

Patient Name: Diane Kell
Surgery: Laminectomy
"Everything went well - Dr. Kurtom is a wonderful doctor and I would recommend him to anyone in need of this type of surgery. Easton hospital should be very pleased to have his service here."

Patient Name: Carol Rouse
Surgery: XLIF

"Great Experience. The new technique for my surgery was everything I was promised; shorter recovery, less pain, etc. Receptionist was friendly and Linda was very personable. My last surgery was 6.5 hours long with a 5-6 inch scar on my lower back. My recovery was 6 weeks long. Dr. Kurtom was honest with me about the necessity of surgery. A clear explanation was given of my case; x-rays were explained and details of surgery. I felt confident going into surgery. My stay at memorial was pleasant. Nurses were available in a timely manner when I needed them. Just 1 night stay and I was back home. Wish I had known of Dr. Kurtom for my previous surgery."

Patient Name: Brian Dukes
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Don't change a thing, Great job! Everyone could not have treated me better!"

Patient Name: Jimmy Foster
Surgery: Laminectomy
"I was very pleased with the staff and the work on my back was great. I thank you all."

Patient Name: George Richards
Surgery: TLIF
"I can't say enough about Dr. Kurtom. He not only is an excellent surgeon, but takes time to explain everything in great detail to the patient."

Patient Name: James Peterson
Surgery: Laminectomy
"Dr. Kurtom explained the procedure on my minimally invasive spine surgery. He has great confidence in himself (deservedly so). The operation went as planned. Now-14 days later I feel wonderful without pain in my back. Mobility is excellent. I would strongly endorse and recommend Dr. Kurtom to preoperative patients."

Patient Name:James Davenport
Surgery: Laminectomy
"My back feels better now than it has in years! I wish I had seen this man sooner."

Patient Name: Alvin Lawing
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"You gave excellent details on the procedures which made my wife and I very comfortable and confident. This procedure was successful and I was relieved immediately from my constant pain. I cannot see how any improvement would or should be needed. I have and will recommend your services to others; several have used your services and have been very successful and pleased with great results. I highly recommend your service and have no complaints. I feel like a new person! With no pain, after years of constant pain! I have no reservations in recommending you and your staff. I will be available as a reference at any time for your services. Thanks for a job well done! Dr. Kurtom is a very nice addition to our community - Welcome!"

Patient Name: Lawrence Denton
Surgery: Laminectomy
"My entire experience at Easton Memorial could not have been better. From the time I walked into the
hospital until I departed the next day I was treated and cared for in a most efficient and kind way."

Patient Name: Patricia Lewers
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"My initial complaint was back pain that led to numbness and decreased strength in my foot. After seeing Dr. Kurtom I understood the nature and the severity of the problem. Out-patient surgery was scheduled and completed, start to finish in 5 hours. I went home and rested for 2 days, on the third day I walked all around Mt. Vernon with my family with no discomfort. Five months later the numbness is gone and the strength in my leg and foot has returned. Physical therapy also assisted in my recovery."

Patient Name: Sandra Barnett
Surgery: TLIF
"Post surgery I went from a pain scale of 10-0 in 2 weeks after over 2 years of back pain."

Patient Name: Anthony Passarella
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Everything was handled with courtesy and respect. I had instant relief upon awakening from the anesthesia. It was wonderful!"

Patient Name: Duane Marshall
Surgery: Keyhole Foraminotomy
"Periodically, you meet someone who conveys an aura of professional competency that immediately puts you at ease. Dr. Kurtom is an extraordinary surgeon with a professional bedside manner. Dr. Kurtom is simply awesome. He is calm, competent, and assuring. I wish he could be my primary care doctor. Simply put...the absolute best!!"

Patient Name: Vivian Coghlan
Surgery: TLIF
"Dr. Nelson felt Dr. Kurtom was the doctor for my back in the shape it was in. Dr. Kurtom went over the operation and showed pictures for my husband and I to know what to expect. A week before the surgery he asked us to come back to see if we had any questions. He was very detailed about what to expect and very caring. The operation was 6 hours. The back was a mess, I now have two extra long screws, a new L5 implant, L4 was built up, with 2 rods to hold me up, etc. I feel so much better. Thank you."

Patient Name: Linda Jones
Surgery: TLIF
"After years of postponing back surgery, I visited Dr. Kurtom. I was so impressed I scheduled surgery and has it on November 16, 2010. My leg pain was gone immediately after surgery; there was some back pain but nothing I couldn't handle. Today my backaches are getting further apart and I am finally living a normal life again; in two weeks maybe one has occurred. Dr. Kurtom gave me my life back and I will always be grateful for that. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met in my past 64 years; what an asset he is to our area."

Patient Name: Amy Jackson
Surgery: TLIF
"I had a serious problem that was addressed and corrected in a matter of days. This office (staff and surgeon) went beyond anything that should be expected of them to provide me with a new way of life, a second chance. I will never take this gift for granted the compassion, understanding, and helpfulness was simply amazing!"

Patient Name: Robert Nichols
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"My wife and I appreciated Dr. Kurtom's honesty, philosophy and explanation of surgical procedures. I had no worries going to surgery and was very satisfied with Dr. Kurtom's staff and the hospital staff."

Patient Name: Mary Salins
Surgery: TLIF
"I want to thank Dr. Kurtom his unbelievable knowledge, caring dedication and experience. I would also like to express my appreciation to his office and the hospital staff."

Patient Name: Joseph Baily
Surgery: Micro Discectomy
"Dr. Kurtom- Excellent communication and generous time spend explaining procedure, getting a second opinion, and talking with my internist. All of this was done in a relaxing and professional manner. Dr. Kurtom's staff was all friendly, courteous and professional."

Patient Name: Walter Lee Phillips
Surgery: TLIF
"I thought that back surgery was a last resort for dealing with my leg pain, but minimally invasive surgery appealed to me a lot. The recovery would be quicker than traditional surgery. Dr. Kurtom's confidence and assurances were the deciding factor for me to have the surgery. I have recommended him to my friends and they have had successful surgeries too."

Patient Name: Peggy Lee Anderson
Surgery: TLIF
“Both my husband and I can’t find words to say how wonderful the staff was. She was there for us every step of the way, answering all of our questions and reassuring us all would be fine. Dr Kurtom was great as well, as all of his staff in the office.”

Patient Name: Dr. John Arroyo
Surgery: TLIF
After suffering for well over a year with debilitating lower back and leg pain and getting little help from local physicians, I was referred to Dr. Kurtom. Best hour and a half drive I ever made. I had TLIF surgery soon thereafter and was up and walking the next day virtually pain free. A week or so later I was back at work. I am 62 years old and am back playing golf and tennis like the old days. I am so thankful for Dr Kurtom and his whole team.

Patient Name: Cheryl Wilczensk
Surgery: TLIF
I have lumbar stenosis and Dr Kurtom performed surgery on three levels of my spine. After one night in the hospital I was up walking and able to do the stairs. It's been 12 days and I am amazed at how good I feel. Thank you.

Patient Name: Randolph Rogge
Surgery: Laminectomy
"I could not be happier with the treatment and care I have received. The professionalism and expertise of Dr. Kurtom and his staff is truly top notch. We are very fortunate to have such professionals here on the eastern shore. This was my first surgery at memorial hospital and I was extremely pleased with both the facility and the staff. Top grades for all concerned with my surgery.

Patient Name: Elizabeth Fleming
Surgery: Laminectomy
Experienced little pain from the operation and the back pain from the stenosis was gone!!! 4 years of agonizing pain disappeared!!! Thank you Dr. Kurtom and the good Lord for bringing you to Easton, Maryland.

Patient Name: Frank DiGialleonardo
Surgery: Laminectomy
At first consultation regarding my low back pain, Dr. Kurtom was appropriately conservative regarding surgery. When I decided to go ahead with the surgery because of increasingly debilitating pain, all went smoothly. With minimally invasive surgery, my recovery was only a week or two and I was soon back to normal activities and virtually pain free. Dr Kurtom understood my particular profile and did not have a “carved” response. He is an extremely skilled surgeon and I am very happy with the results, now two months later.

Patient Name: Janice Stevenson
Surgery: LLIF
“I was referred to Dr. Kurtom by my family doctor. The pain I was having in my right lower back at that time was unbearable. When I woke up after surgery I had no pain. After five other back surgeries I was a little leery of this surgery. But I can truly say I do not have any pain and this is the first time in 30 years I have not had back pain! Thank you.”

Patient Name: Mary Tarte
Surgery: Kyphoplasty
"I knew I had to see a neurosurgeon and I was so frightened. I heard glowing praise and admiration for Dr. Kurtom and this was confirmed when I met him. Dr. Kurtom is thorough, responsive and extremely competent. He is the standard by which every doctor should be measured. Thank you for such a positive experience."

Patient Name: Debra Turner
"There are no words to explain my gratitude for Dr. Kurtom and his staff. I have been in constant back pain for well over 10 years. Dr. Kurtom performed TLIF surgery on October 14, 2014. I was walking within hours. Now three days later, I have no pain! There is some slight pain at the incision site, but it is very minor. Dr. Kurtom gets five stars! And thank you to all the girls at the office, you were all very helpful. Keep up the good work!"