For Immediate Release July 29, 2018

UM Shore Home Care and UM Chester River Home Care are now providing the Phillips’s Lifeline GoSafe Mobile 2 System, according to Kim Honeycutt, personal response program facilitator for both home care agencies.

“The GoSafe 2 mobile medical alert service is an all-in-one system that enables responders to locate the wearer quickly in an emergency and provides a connection to a trained Lifeline Response Associate, 24/7,” explains Honeycutt.

The main advantage is that thanks to AT&T wireless network coverage, the wearer can be out in the community as well as at home. GoSafe 2 includes multiple, advanced locating technologies, fall detection capabilities, and two-way voice communication in a light (2.1 ounces) and comfortable pendant attached to a lanyard.

“It’s really ideal for seniors who still drive and those who travel to visit family members in other states where AT&T coverage is offered,” says Honeycutt. “We just installed one for a lady who lives on her own near Denton but drives over to Dover fairly often.”

The GoSafe Mobile 2 pendant is water-resistant (it can be work in the bath or shower) and operates from a rechargeable battery that lasts two to three days. It is FDA compliant as a Class ll medical device. There is an up-front installation cost of $99 and the monthly charge for the service is $45.

“After the installation fee, GoSafe Mobile 2 is actually more affordable than having the original in-home system plus the add-on component for use when leaving the house,” says Honeycutt. “We’ve installed a few for seniors who are upgrading and now they are paying $45 a month compared to $72 a month.”

For GoSafe Mobile 2 details, visit For more information about obtaining the service, contact Honeycutt, 410-820-6052, ext. 2933, or