For Immediate Release October 29, 2018

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health recently honored a total of 256 team members as Service Award recipients at two events at The Milestone in Easton: a Service Awards Luncheon on October 11 honoring those celebrating 10 or 15 years of employment with the regional health care network, and a Service Awards Dinner on October 12 honoring those celebrating 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years. The dinner occasion also honored 42 staff members who retired in the past year.

Hosted by Ken Kozel, UM SRH president and CEO, and Barbara Hendricks, director, Human Resources, the events featured remark by members of the Senior Leadership team praising individual award recipients and the honorees as a group. Kozel noted that while for health care associated workers in the U.S., the average tenure with one organization is just slightly over two years, the average tenure for UM Shore Regional Health’s 2018 Service Award honorees is 16.8 years.

“Our staff members’ loyalty to UM Shore Regional Health and their dedication to making our organization the Region’s Leader in Patient-Centered Health Care makes me so proud and grateful to be part of this team,” said Kozel. “It’s a privilege for me and my fellow members of Senior Leadership to congratulate each honoree personally as we hand out the Service Award Certificates.”

Shore Regional Health Retirees

2018 Retirees honored: On hand for the dinner celebration were 11 recent retirees (front row, l. to r.,) Connie Lewis, Debra Harmon, Ralph Henry, Connie Lewis, Barbara Hooper and Susan Benson; (back row, l. to r.) Faye Folker, Milton Ewing, Sr., Marcia Chambers, Gary Bigelow and Cheryl Powell. 

Shore Regional Health 45 Year Employees

Celebrating 45 years of Service to UM Shore Regional Health: l. to r., Gary Shortall, Carolyn Crist, James Jenkins and Melody Brown. Not shown: Gregory Gibson.

Shore Regional Health 40 Year Employees

Celebrating 40 years of Service to UM Shore Regional Health: font row, l. to r., Terri Webb, Joanne Dupree, Maryanne Williams and Cathy Weber; back row, l. to r., Patricia Steele, Daniel Spielman and Janet Andrews. Not shown: Arlene Butler, Patricia Harris, Michael Murry, Esther Nichols, Andrew Robinson, Fred Thompson, Deborah Timms, Patricia Tindall, Janice Toulson and Valerie Usilton.