For Immediate Release March 12, 2018

Physical Therapy staff Receives award

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health physical therapists Margaret Wood and Stephanie Stokes were recently honored as recipients of the University of Delaware's Cathy Doetzer Kohlenstein Clinical Educator’s Award.

Given annually to clinical educators who make outstanding contributions to the clinical education of University of Delaware (UD) students, this award recognizes the work that Wood, Stokes and other members of the UM SRH Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services team have done in recent years for and with students pursuing physical therapy studies at UD.

"Your group has consistently provided excellence in clinical education as based on student and faculty assessment of the program, and you continue to look for methods to improve your work with the students," wrote Carrie Foeller, associate director of UD's Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program, in a letter announcing the award. "While this is a small gesture in light of the enormity of the generosity you have extended to our students, we sincerely extend to you our congratulations on receiving this award."

According to Teresa Blem, director, UM Shore Regional Health Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services, the rehab team conducts clinical education for students enrolled at a variety colleges and universities in the region. "The students are here for eight to 12 weeks, depending on the program they are enrolled in. In total, we take about 16 students every year," Blem says.