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For Immediate Release November 25, 2016

UM Shore Regional Health has announced the officers of the Medical Executive Committee for 2016-2017. The Medical Executive Committee serves as the final decision-making body of the UM Shore Regional Health medical staff and is responsible for submitting recommendations to the Board related to medical staff appointments, assignments and clinical privileges as well as reporting to the Board on the quality and efficiency of patient care services provided by individuals with clinical privileges.

The Committee also monitors clinical performance and conducts, makes recommendations regarding administrative and hospital management matters, and participates in community health needs assessments and in the development of programs and services to meet those needs.

Bruce Helmly, MD and Michael Peimer, MD will serve as president and vice president, respectively. Dr. Helmly practices cardiovascular medicine with University of Maryland Community Medical Group – Cardiology based in Easton. Dr. Peimer practices internal medicine with Internal Medicine Associates, LLC in Chestertown.

Physicians elected  regional departmental chairs on the UM SRH Medical Executive Committee are:  Stephen B. Lemke, DO, chair, and John A. Snell, vice chair – Regional Anesthesia; Walter F. Atha, MD, chair, and Deborah S. Davis, MD, Glenn A. Hebel, MD, Michael D. Joyce, MD and Jane Wang, MD, vice chairs – Regional Emergency Medicine;  Mark S. Langfitt, MD, chair, and Ahmed S. Gawad, MD, vice chair – Regional Pediatrics; and Christopher S. Levey, MD, chair, and Dale Johnson, MD, vice chair – Regional Radiology.

Medical Executive Committee department chairs for UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown are: Nelson Goldberg, MD, chair, and Gerard O-Connor, vice chair – Surgery; and Susan Ross, MD, chair – Medicine; vice chair for Medicine is Michael Peimer, MD.

Medical Executive Committee department chairs for UM Shore Medical Centers at Easton and Dorchester are: Elena M. Tilly, MD, chair and Jose Martinez, vice chair – Medicine; and Timothy J. Schneider, MD, chair, and Roberta J. Lilly, MD, vice chair – Surgery; Anish Hinduja, MD, chair, and Laura Jin, MD vice chair – Medical Specialties and Sanlare Gordon, DO, Chair – OB/GYN (the vice chair for this department has not yet been appointed).

UM Shore Medical Centers at Chestertown at-large members are Wayne Benjamin, MD, Ona Kareiva, MD, Steve Lucas, MD, and Melvin Rapelyea, MD. Brendan Paltoo, MD, is serving as at-large member for UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester.

Bruce Helmly, MD, president, UM Shore Regional Health Medical Executive Committee

Michael Peimer, MD, vice president, UM Shore Regional Health Medical Executive Committee