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For Immediate Release November 21, 2016

November is National Home Care Month – and for the staff of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health’s three home care entities, UM Shore Home Care, UM Chester River Home Care, and Shore Wellness Partners (SWP), there is much to celebrate.

Both Shore Home Care and Chester River Home Care have been serving patients in the five country region for more than 15 years. The two agencies provide a full range of services including skilled nursing; physical, occupational and speech therapy; medical social work; and home health aide assistance. Shore Wellness Partners is a community-based care program providing these services for clients in underserved communities who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Between the three entities, there are now more than 60 staff whose shared goal is to help each patient maintain optimal health and independence in his or her home setting, whether a family residence, a group home or a residential care facility. Says Rita Holley, director of Home Care Services for UM SRH, "During FY 2016, clinicians served a total of 2,225 individual patients and conducted more than 38,500 visits – driving over 486,000 miles in and around our five-county region.” 

Holley is most proud of the strong satisfaction ratings the two agencies receive from patients and their families. “Our home care patient satisfaction rates consistently exceed national and state averages, often by several percentage points,” she explains. "Among home care agencies in Maryland, the average satisfaction ranking on quality measures ranges from 77 to 88 percent, but satisfaction scores for our Shore and Chester River agencies range from 86 to 94 percent. Our patients and their loved ones compliment the staff not only on their professional skill and knowledge but also on their warm and supportive demeanor."

On site in their office on the campus of UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown are some members of the UM Chester River Home Care team. Seated, l. to r., Rene’ Baker, QI Nurse, Angela Pritzlaff, Shore Wellness nurse, Katie Davis , home health clinical supervisor, Trish Focht, home health manager, and Kiara Henry, home health aide; standing, l. to r., Nina Warren, access rep, Melissa Maule, staff nurse, Chris Kirby, intake nurse, Amanda Sutton, staff nurse, Jen Walters, physical therapist, Melissa Myers, staff nurse, Mary Lynn Price, staff nurse, and Karen Conley, access rep.

At Shore Home Care: Seated, l. to r., staff nurses Megan Markie, Heather Coulbourne and Micha Rowlands. Standing, l. to r., Patti Starkey, regional quality improvement manager; Cindy Lloyd, QI nurse; staff nurses Shannon Blades, Courtney Carroll and Hillary Coulbourne; Richard Woodfield, president and CEO of Remarx Medical Services; Amy Brockson, clinical nurse manager; and staff nurses Betsy Rector, Lee Rosendale and Marcy Schmitt.